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1 year in review: Ethereum after The Merge

1 year in review: Ethereum after The Merge

Deflationary coin

When it was a Proof of Wook blockchain, the ETH inflation rate was 3.15%/year. But within a year after The Merge:

679,000 ETH released 981,000 ETH burned

Total: -302,000 ETH

Ushering in the era of Liquid Staking

Proof-of-Stake brings the long-awaited staking feature to ETH. According to data from DefiLlama, there is $19.5 billion in ETH staked in current protocols, with Lido Finance accounting for 72% of the market share.

Consumes less energy

According to data from The Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, the amount of electricity used by the Ethereum network decreased by 99.9% after The Merge.

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