12-bit oscilloscope operates up to 65 GHz

Teledyne LeCroy’s WaveMaster 8000HD oscilloscope offers analog bandwidths spanning 20 GHz to 65 GHz and 12 bits of vertical resolution. All six models in the scope series are outfitted with four channels, while the highest bandwidths are achieved when using only two channels.

At 65 GHz and a maximum sample rate of 320 Gsamples/s, the WaveMaster 8000HD doubles the available bandwidth and sample rate of its predecessor. It also supplies 8 Gpts of acquisition memory. SDA Expert serial data analysis software allows the capture and analysis of multi-level PAM3 and PAM4 signals used in USB4 V2.0 and PCIe 6.0, respectively.

The WaveMaster 8000HD enables high-speed serial-bus characterization, validation, compliance, and debug. CrossSync PHY control and integration software links the oscilloscope to a protocol analyzer, providing an integrated trigger, capture, and view of physical and protocol logic layers of serial data signals.

Prices for the WaveMaster 8000HD oscilloscope start at $270,000. Configure and request a quote for the oscilloscope using the product page link below.

WaveMaster 8000HD product page

Teledyne LeCroy 

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