14 Things We Saw In The New Trailer

Zack looks beyond the camera while carrying Cloud on his back.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Rebirth’s previous trailer showed us Midgar in a rough state, with the bodies of our Avalanche pals being carried away on stretchers. Those of us who enjoyed the original Final Fantasy VII know that the end of its Midgar chapter didn’t end with our heroes in such a predicament. What’s more, this new trailer shows Zack Fair who…well, we’ll spare newcomers those specifics, so for now let’s just say that he’s, uh, somewhere he really shouldn’t be. We see him carrying Cloud into Midgar, and he later hands the hero off to Remake’s Kyrie Canaan.

This is all quite surprising and mysterious. The end of Remake showed us a number of characters who seemed to be in better condition than we remember them being in the original game. What exactly is going on with this is anyone’s guess. However, at the end of this new trailer, Sephiroth does say: “It’s upon us. The Reunion. When worlds merge.”


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