15 Best Easter Eggs, Ranked

Bethesda is known for hiding many secrets and Easter eggs in their games, and Starfield is no exception. If you’re curious enough, you can find plenty of Easter eggs in this space-bound RPG, from references to previous Bethesda games to nods to pop culture.

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If you’re on hunt for some Easter eggs in the game, you may just want to start off with the best ones in the game. Listed below are 10 amazing Easter eggs in Starfield.

Updated by Vincent Arogya on September 17, 2023: This list has been updated to include 5 additional easter eggs within the game. Furthermore, it has been enhanced with the addition of some useful links for your convenience.

16 Place Collectibles On Cockpit

15 Collectible on Spaceship Dashboard

While the game doesn’t tell you, you can actually place collectibles on the dashboard in your ship’s cockpit. These collectibles need to be dropped from your inventory when you’re standing near the dashboard. Once a collectible lands on the dashboard, it remains there while you fly across the space.

This is a nice touch of customization for players to engage with. The ability to add a little bit of personal flair to your ship is always a welcome feature in any video game.

14 Reference To Death Stranding

Johann NPC in Starfield referencing Death Stranding

In New Atlantis, there’s an NPC called Johann at the UC Distribution Center. Upon talking to Johann, he will express his passion for delivering items across Settled Systems. The more you talk to him, the more it becomes clear that he references everything about the life of a porter in the popular video game, Death Stranding.

Johann also signs off his conversation with the iconic statement, “Keep on, keeping on.” This nod to Hideo Kojima’s popular title is a nice touch, showing comraderie and reverence between the two game studios.

13 Doom Slayer Easter Egg

Doom Slayer posters in Starfield

There are plenty of posters in the settlement of Mars depicting the Slayer from Bethesda’s popular first-person shooter, Doom. If you’re a fan of the Doom series, you must know that Mars was a home to an ancient and powerful civilization called Agent D’Nur.

The civilization’s failed experiment opened a portal to hell, which led to the demons pouring through the portal and overwhelming Agent D’Nur. Eventually, it was the Slayer who fought these demons and closed the portal to hell. It seems that people on Mars still look up to the Slayer.

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12 Tribute To Alex Hay

A note in Starfield that pays tribute to Alex Hay

Alex Hay was a Starfield fan, eagerly anticipating the game’s release. Alex was fighting his battle with lung cancer, but he passed away before the game’s release. Many Redittors expressed their wish to memorialize Alex in the game, and Bethesda heard them.

There’s a note from Alex Hay on the Constellation’s ship, the Eye. The note reads, “To all my friends and fellow explorers, I’m always with you, out there in the starfield. Love always, Alex Hay.”

11 Lord Of The Rings Potato Reference

Potato easter egg in Starfield referencing Lord of the Rings

When you pick up and read the description of any potato in Starfield, you’ll find an interesting statement that states, “boiled, mashed, used in a stew.” This is a clear reference to the Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers movie scene where Sam explains what a potato is to the Gollum. This reference became a meme after the movie was released, and has remained a popular meme since then.

10 The Batman

The batcave easter egg in Starfield

If you’re a fan of the caped crusader, you’ll certainly love Bethesda’s nod to the Batcave from the Batman series. During the Mantis quest, you’ll have an objective to travel to the secret outpost on the Denebola 1-B moon. Follow the objective, which leads you to the lair of the Mantis, where you fight off a bunch of spacers and robots. The Mantis was believed to be a vengeful spacefaring crime fighter, which also closely matches the defender of Gotham’s story.

You’ll eventually reach a large underground area that looks very similar to the Batcave, where you’ll find an encased Mantis suit ready for your taking. You can explore this area more and listen to the many audio recordings, which will further lay out Mantis’ lore. There’s also an area within this lair with many computers that resemble the Batcomputer. Finally, there’s a switch that gives you access to the Mantis starship.

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9 Fallout 4 Circa 1978

Fallout 4 Easter Egg in Starfield

If you’re a Fallout 4 fan, you’ll be excited to know that there’s a clear reference to the Diamond City. In Fallout 4, the Diamond City is a settlement that is built inside what was once a baseball stadium from 1978. To find this Easter egg, you’ll need to travel to one of Saturn’s many moons, Titan.

Once you’re on the moon, visit the museum that displays the many artifacts collected from around the universe. You’ll eventually come across the baseball displayed in a case with a small plaque reading “Playoff Baseball, Circa 1978 Old Earth Boston”.

8 Breaking Bad

Meth Cooking Suit in Starfield

Bethesda has also ingeniously given a nod to the popular Breaking Bad TV show in Starfield. In New Atlantis, when you enter the Aurora lab, you’ll find NPCs donning the iconic yellow meth cooking suit as seen in the TV show.

Funnily enough, these NPCs are also creating a substance called Aurora that is capable of inducing psychedelic effects upon consumption.

7 Skyrim “Arrow To The Knee” Meme

Skyrim arrow to the knee meme Easter Egg

Yet another funny Easter egg can be found in the skill tree, and it’s a direct reference to Bethesda’s acclaimed RPG, The Elder Scroll’s V: Skyrim. To find this Easter egg, pull up the combat skill tree and find the Crippling skill in the expert tier. The skill is conveniently illustrated with the arrow stuck in the knee.

If you’re a longstanding Skyrim fan, you may have already anticipated this Easter egg in the game. Furthermore, you may also hear random NPCs making reference to the statement in the context of space exploration.

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6 Don’t Use Helmet Label

Don't Use Helmet easter egg in Starfield

This is a fun little Easter egg that involves a helmet with a note stating “Don’t Use” stuck on a helmet’s visor. If you put on this helmet, you’ll still see the rear of the note stuck on the visor. Just make sure that you’re in first person mode. The helmet can be found on Barret’s Old ship, which is accessed after you rescue Barret.

5 Alpha Centauri Planets & Moons Named After Real Astronauts

Alpha Centauri planets and moons named after real astronauts

Space fans may have already come across this Easter egg, but for those who missed it, you’ll be amazed to know that Alpha Centauri’s planets and moons are named after real spacefarers who took humanity to space. Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to Sol and consists of four planets and eight moons.

This Easter egg is hard to miss, and it’s likely that you may have already traveled to the Alpha Centauri star system.

4 Mars Opportunity Rover

Mars Opportunity Rover Easter Egg in Starfield

This Easter egg began on Earth but ended on Mars. We lost contact with the Opportunity Rover in 2019, and it was declared dead, but in Starfield, you can still find this cool piece of scientific genius on Mars. To find the Opportunity Rover, you must first visit the NASA launch tower located in Florida. Enter the tower and look for an exhibit area with a large model of the Opportunity Rover. Interact with the exhibit to receive a new quest objective directing you to find the Opportunity Rover on Mars.

Now, get onboard your starship and chart your way to Mars. Follow the quest objective to reach the Mars Rover. You can also find a collectible related to the rover nearby called “Mars Snow Globe.”

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3 Tardigrade Monster Costume

Tardigrade Monster Outfit Easter Egg - Starfield

You might have heard and read about Tardigrades; they are microscopic water-bear creatures that endure and survive in extreme environments. It is also believed that Tardigrades have been surviving on Earth for roughly 600 million years. To put that in perspective, dinosaurs first appeared on the planet about 400 million years ago.

Starfield decided to pay tribute to this resilient icon with a scary costume. To find and equip the Tardigrade outfit, make your way to Saturn’s moon, Titan. Once you land on Titan, head to the New Homestead settlement and speak with Dr. Guiliana Lakota. She can be found in Clinic, located in the facilities area of the Living History Colony. Dr. Lakota will request you to wear a costume and scare of the tourists in the area. Check you inventory to equip the outfit.

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2 Pyramid Of Giza

Pyramids of Giza in Starfield - Easter Egg

The Pyramids of Giza are among the oldest man-made structures on our planet. It still boggles our minds how these magnificent structures managed to remain intact with the passing of time. In Starfield, you’ll be able to pay a visit to this landmark to see if they still managed to stand the test of time. To find this fascinating landmark in Starfield, you must first travel to the Aquila city on the planet Aquila. Now, you need to visit Ahjong Sinclair’s bookstore and purchase the book called “The Ancient Civilization of Egypt.”

You’ll then be updated with an objective to visit Cairo. You’ll see that the pyramids have eroded with time but are still very recognizable. Don’t forget to pick up the “Cairo Snow Globe” collectible. Additionally, when you visit Ahjong Sinclair’s bookstore, consider picking up another book called “Oliver Twist,” as well, which will lead you to London’s popular skyscraper, the Shard.

1 Remnants Of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

American flag and Apollo 11 lander on Moon

If you travel to the Sol solar system and land on our moon (called Luna in the game), you’ll be fascinated to find an Easter egg referencing the 1969 moon landing by Apollo 11. You can also climb the lander and pick up the collectible called the “Apollo Snow Globe.” The collectible encases two astronauts along with the Apollo 11 lander, clearly referencing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first humans to step on the moon.

To find this Easter egg, you must first go to the lodge in the city of New Atlantis. Look for a book called “Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal” on a desk in one of the rooms. After you read the book, your objective will be updated to visit the Apollo landmark on Luna. Follow the objective marker to easily reach the Easter egg.

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