2023 Minecraft Mob Vote result reveals the next addition to the game

The highly anticipated 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote result is in, revealing the next addition to the Minecraft world that will leave players both thrilled and intrigued. The three diverse candidates that made it to this year’s Mob Vote were the Crab, the Armadillo, and the Penguin.

In a surprising turn of events, the lovable Penguin found itself eliminated during the first round of the 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote, as it had collected the least number of votes. The flightless bird left just the Crab and the Armadillo to compete in the sandbox game for the coveted spot in the Minecraft world.

Ultimately the Armadillo won the hearts of Minecraft’s players with its unique defensive behavior and the potential to craft armor for tamed wolves. The Armadillo’s victory showcases just how eager the players are to keep their wolves companions alive during their adventures, reinforcing the idea that sometimes strategic utility can be just as endearing as whimsical charm.

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All the 2023 Minecraft Vote contestants

The Armadillo is a land-dwelling mob in the savanna biomes that displays a defensive response by curling into a protective ball when players are nearby. Collecting their scute, a precious item also seen in the game courtesy of turtles, players are offered the chance to craft armor for tamed wolves, an exciting addition that promises to enhance the bond between players and their loyal animal companions as they go on new adventures.

The Crab, a semi-aquatic marvel native to mangrove swamp biomes with a unique ability to scale blocks vertically, was a versatile contender for the title as it helped players navigate both land and water. Moreover, the Crab’s impressive claws had the potential to extend a player’s reach when placing blocks, offering creative opportunities for all the resourceful builders out there.

Lastly the Penguin who would have inhabited stony shore biomes. The feathery friend would have provided players with a speed boost when using the boat, a feature that certainly piqued the curiosity of those navigating the vast waters of their blocky worlds.

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StopTheMobVote Petition

Despite the smooth sailing of the 2023 Minecraft Live, this year’s Mob Vote was not without its controversies. A petition, spearheaded by Minecraft enthusiast Holly Mavermorne, gained substantial traction within the game’s community urging Mojang to reconsider the conventional Mob Vote format and instead introduce all three contestants.

This petition garnered nearly half a million signatures, reflecting the sentiments of a significant portion of the player base, but as the 2023 Minecraft Live went on it was clear Mojang was not going to abide by the players’ request.

While waiting for the Armadillo to roll into your blocky worlds next year, you can check out the best Minecraft seeds where to begin a new adventure, or the best Minecraft mods to add while waiting for the new mob, as well as the best Minecraft skins you can try on.

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