2024 Summer of Games – Microsoft Flight Simulator

2024 Summer of Games - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Get ready for the 2024 r/Xbox Summer of Games! Every weekday leading up to Gamescom, we'll spotlight a Microsoft-published game or franchise. It's then your turn to post your best memories and highlights from these titles. We'll preserve these posts in the community wiki for nostalgia's sake. Plus, you'll get to pick from exclusive user flairs for each game or franchise featured, available forever to all.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator traces its origins back to the late 1970s when Bruce Artwick, inspired by his articles on computer graphics, embarked on creating a 3D flight simulation program. Recognizing the demand from subscribers, Artwick founded Sublogic Corporation in 1977 to commercialize his ideas. The journey began with Flight Simulator (FS) for the Apple II in January 1979, followed by versions for other systems. Over time, it evolved into a long-running series of computer flight simulators. Notably, the third generation introduced features like exterior views of aircraft and expanded scenery coverage.

The latest entry to the series was first revealed in June 2019, at Microsoft's E3 2019 conference. Soon after the announcement, Microsoft Studios made available to the public its Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program webpage, where participants could subscribe to news, offer feedback, access a private forum, and be eligible to participate in Alpha and Beta releases of the game.

Flight Simulator (2020) features significantly more scenery detail, accurately modelling virtually every part of the world. The simulation also includes vastly more sophisticated aircraft, with nearly complete simulations of aircraft systems, overhead panels and flight management computers (FMCs) in commercial jet airliners; features which were highly incomplete in previous versions.

The new Flight Simulator is powered by satellite data and Azure AI. It features high fidelity shadow generation and reflections on aircraft surfaces, busy airports with animated vehicles and people, complex cloud formations, defined shorelines and water bodies, realistic precipitation effects on the aircraft's windshield, and very detailed terrain generation with a vast amount of autogenerated scenery.

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