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23 Free AI Tools for Marketing to Try Out Today

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Since the emergence of Generative AI, I have been on a mission to find all of the amazing AI tools for marketing that exist and see which ones I can work into my own marketing processes as well as those of my clients. I make special note when I find free AI tools that might end up becoming expensive soon because of their functionality.

I always get asked by smaller businesses and entrepreneurs if there are any free AI tools that exist that can help them with their marketing, so after trying out numerous AI tools, I decided to create an ultimate list of free and freemium programs. You can use these platforms for all sorts of daily tasks, from blog post and image creation, to checking your articles for grammar errors. 

I use some of them on a daily basis to streamline certain tedious business tasks, so I’m pretty sure you will get some value out of them as well. Some of these you may have seen me talk about on other AI marketing blog posts of mine, but let’s take a look at what is possible in the freemium AI tool universe.

Free AI Tools for General Marketing Content Creation

For starters, I wanted to share a few programs for general marketing tasks. You could use these tools on a daily basis to create video content, beautiful art, email subject lines, and social media posts.

The featured tools have somewhat limited free plans, and you’ll likely have to subscribe to paid version for full functionality, but at least there is a free option! 



If you’re looking for copywriting tools to create blog posts, you just can’t go wrong with Jasper. I use advanced AI software for all sorts of tasks, from social media posting to chatbot responses.

Jasper can also help you create various types of website content. As the tool comes with Chrome extension and API, you can use it straight from the browser or integrate it with other software. Talk about versatility! You also get free writing templates that will make your job 100 times easier. 

Unfortunately, Jasper’s free plan is nothing to write home about. You get a short, 7-day trial during which you can generate 10,000 words. It’s more of a teaser for this incredible AI-powered platform, but you won’t get rich from it (at least, not for the free version).


Copy.AI has a somewhat similar approach to Jasper. You get a 7-day free plan, during which you get 100 runs a day. The good thing is that you have access to every content creation tool within the platform. You can try out a wide range of features allowing you to generate product descriptions, emails, CTAs, and other types of posts. 

Even when the free trial expires, you can still generate 2,000 per month. While this isn’t much, it might come in handy when you’re closing a deadline and can’t overcome writer’s block. Once you subscribe to this valuable tool, you get language translation and get unlimited uses. Furthermore, custom pricing gives you access to a team collaboration feature. 



Although you can use Writesonic to generate content for articles, the platform is mostly geared toward paid ads. The software utilizes advanced machine learning for written content, AI-generated art, sentence expanding and paraphrasing, landing pages, and product descriptions. You can also integrate it with third-party platforms such as Zapier. 

The free plan gives you one AI-powered chatbot, AI article writer 4.0, and 10,000 words per month. On the other hand, paid plans give you access to unlimited rewriting and generation, AI article writer 5.0, API access, bulk processing, priority support, and features. 



What I love about Rytr is its SEO analyzer, which adapts posts for search engines and simplifies marketing planning for business owners. The company’s software engineers made sure you don’t waste time on repetitive tasks by providing API and allowing integration with numerous plugins. 

Besides the word count, the main difference between free and paid plans is the number of realistic images you can make. The free plan allows you to make 5 pics per month compared to 20 with the saver plan and 100 with the unlimited plan. With the unlimited plan, you also get customer service access and an account manager. 

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Simplified is one of the best marketing and design tools on the market, helping all company departments. The suite is further broken down into AI writer, design editor, video content editor, and social media platform. Purchasing the entire program gives you access to various creation and editing features to execute numerous business tasks and boost your marketing.

Each of these four functionalities comes with free and paid plans. For example, the AI writer free plan limits the number of words you can generate each month. On the other hand, the free video generation tool limits your videos to 10 minutes and 720p, while the premium plan gives you access to unlimited videos lasting up to 120 minutes. 

Generally speaking, it’s a fantastic tool that allows you to create content without having any writing or design skills. 



The thing that separates Contlo from the field is its’ focus on branding. The tool uses natural language processing to comprehend your business and modify images and text to better suit your mission and vision. Combining its textual and image generator allows the software to create marketing materials for all your channels.

Contlo’s free plan gives you 1,000 email credits, basic analytics, 5 customer segments, and 2 marketing automation. The biggest issue is that your marketing material comes with a watermark, preventing you from using it during campaigns. So, if you wish to do things a bit more seriously, you should go with paid plans. 

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Image generation has become a major part of the marketing process. This category relies on human language and textual input to create realistic images for your brand. 



DALL-E2 uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 language model to understand your textual inputs and create pics according to these instructions. The platform relies on deep neural networks to generate beautiful images that you can use for various business purposes. 

Unfortunately, the company has recently discontinued its free tools, so new users have to pay for the service. However, if you registered an account before April 6, 2023, you’ll still get 15 free credits every month (one credit equals one prompt and four image variations).

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is one of my favs. I use it every once in a while as a nifty text-to-image generator, whether for client projects or when I want to mess around the office. 

The thing I like about this platform is that all images are cartoonish compared to the realistic visuals other AI programs provide. While this might not be suitable for every marketing purpose, it will give your campaigns a unique feel.

The coolest thing about this advanced machine generator is that it’s completely free. While it’s lacking in terms of integrations, analytics, and customer support, the basic functionality is on point. In other words, Stable Diffusion allows you to create a wide range of pics without spending a dime. 

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser, by Magic Studio, is a nifty yet powerful tool that can be used for all sorts of stuff. For example, you can use the eraser to remove unwanted objects from your images before posting them on your website and social media. It’s one of the better editing features in visual post-production, saving you time and money.

The free product version is nice for testing the features, but that’s about that. Each pic comes with a watermark rendering it useless for your marketing efforts. Even worse, the images come in low resolution, and you can modify one at a time.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a productivity tool that allows you to modify personal images or generate pics based on your textual inputs. The software also has an enormous catalog of templates, which you can use to expedite the process.

While most people would expect that a Microsoft tool is expensive, this one’s actually freemium. You can make beautiful pics without watermarks or any other limitations. Nevertheless, there is also a wide range of premium features that would make your projects even better. 

This software category primarily focuses on textual generation via advanced machine learning. These platforms track human behavior and interactions to cover a wide range of topics and generate long and short pieces from scratch. Their free plans are commonly limited by the word count. 


I use Quilbot for all sorts of content creation tasks, from text generation to rephrasing, grammar checks, and plagiarism. The software can be integrated with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and a few other platforms. So, each time you’re writing an email for one of your partners or trying to relay instructions in the team’s group chat, you can rest assured that your every word is spot on. 

Its free version is nice for testing and allows you to paraphrase 125 words and summarize 1,200 words. Unfortunately, this won’t be enough for most marketing teams. You’ll go through these limited credits in a jiffy after which you’ll need the paid version. 



You simply can’t go wrong by purchasing Grammarly. The platform understands human language like no other software and provides suggestions to fix grammar errors and improve writing quality. You can use Grammarly for just about any subject and content format, and you can integrate it with Google Docs and other writing programs.

Recently, the company has added AI functionality that allows you to generate and rephrase text. This feature comes with free plans (in a limited number of countries) and paid plans. Still, if you’re creating marketing content all the time, I suggest you get the paid version, as it has a much better grammar checker. 

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AI Video Generators

This tool type allows you to create videos from scratch or use the respective software’s media library. You’ll likely have to get a paid plan to get the full functionality from the programs below. 



If you’re looking for a video generation platform for explainer videos, you can’t go wrong with Synthesia. This AI-powered platform allows you to create unlimited videos by tapping into the software’s avatar library and adjusting the background text and visuals. 

Saying that Synthesia has a free plan is a bit of an overstatement. Although you can try out the demo to create a video, you’ll need to go with the paid plan immediately after. 



Although not as famous as some other entries on the list, Lumen5 is another one of my favs. This valuable tool will rock your work with its premium editing features, allowing you to do all sorts of stuff with your marketing videos. 

It works as a text-to-video generator, or you can use it to modify your own clips. The program offers integrations with numerous third-party platforms, including Gmail, Telegram, Facebook, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. So, not only does the software provide enormous value, but it will simplify daily marketing tasks via integrations. 

Lumen5’s free plan is much less restrictive than Synthesia’s. It allows you to create unlimited videos, although they come with watermarks and up to 720p resolution. If you ask me, that will render pics useless for most entrepreneurs.

As you get better plans, you gain access to millions of stock photos that you can repurpose for your marketing content. Lastly, custom pricing is fantastic for teams and provides extra functionality and security. 

Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia

The first time I used Deep Nostalgia, I was scared out of my boots. One of the more controversial tools on the market, the program brings to life old photos as alive 3D models. Just imagine having your grandma’s photo reviewed in flash! While a bit strange, the feature can be great for giving life to your company’s employee images.

As of late, I had so much fun tinkering with AI audio tools. Although this software is somewhat unpolished compared to major text generators, you can still use it for social media posts. For example, you can use these generators to create rap songs or funky rock tracks.

The first time I used, I had a bit of trouble getting around its features. Nevertheless, that doesn’t take away from the platform’s vast usefulness and intriguing functionality. For example, the tool is incredible for removing sounds from an audio file and separating, let’s say acoustic guitar from trombone. 

You can use the audio platform for free for 10 minutes (or three files). Like with other programs on the list, this isn’t enough to do lots of marketing work but still gives yo a taste of Lalal’s functionality. I use this nifty program for specific video marketing tasks, for example, when creating new sounds for my YouTube vids. 



DeepBeat is a cool, urban program that creates rap songs by relying on natural language processing. You can use it to generate rhymes from scratch by simply clicking on suggested keywords. By clicking on a few buttons, you can generate a catchy song for your social media posts and other marketing materials. 

The best thing yet, this valuable tool is completely free and doesn’t come with any limitations. I mostly use it for clients working in the entertainment business, but the smooth tracks can also be used for just about any other “youth” account. The creators might also feature your audio recording on the site and add it to the library.  



One of the latest innovations brought by intelligent machines comes in the form of music generators. Awesome programs like Riffusion are slowly changing the outlook of the music scene by creating catchy tracks from thin air. Like other platforms on this list, this advanced AI software uses human language processing to create different music genres. 

Riffusion is the best platform in this category and is completely free. Although this software probably won’t become the pillar of your content creation process, it can still generate nice audio tracks. 



This text-to-speech tool is fantastic for generating audio files by repurposing your blog posts and other written content. You can tinker with various delivery styles, from audiobook narrators to a game NPC and an AI-powered chatbot. One of the features I really liked was the cloner, which allows you to reuse just about any cool voice.

The free plan gives you access to three custom voices and 10,000 characters and doesn’t offer a commercial license. It’s perfect for hobbyists, but you might also use it for limited marketing purposes.

This category is reserved for Notion.AI, a text generation platform that can be integrated with various marketing software. It’s one of the premium editing tools for business communication, and it comes with a fantastic free plan. 


Notion AI

With this valuable tool, you can streamline various language tasks. Notion can fix your grammar, rephrase and shorten sentences while also providing flawless language translation. You can use it for just about any text, from job descriptions and email subject lines to business meeting summaries. 

The advanced AI software is fantastic for single users. There isn’t a limit to word count, and you also have 5 megabytes of uploads. The only issue is that the text will revert to its original form after 7 days, which can cause problems for your business. 

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General AI Content Tools

Most AI generators rely on ChatGPT, Google Bard, or similar technology. While this type of software is completely free, it doesn’t have the same level of functionality as specialized marketing tools. 


The rise of intelligent machines started with ChatGPT. The platform analyzes human behavior and language to bring us quality textual content. 

Despite its enormous popularity, ChatGPT remains free to this day, and you can mess around with it as much as you want. Unfortunately, free users don’t have priority and might experience server issues due to overwhelming search queries. 

Google Bard

Google Bard is a continuation of Google DeepMind’s efforts to use artificial intelligence for various mundane and language tasks. The company’s software engineers created this chatbot to compete with the popular ChatGPT.

Google Bard AI is completely free and uses an advanced human language processing system. While the software isn’t necessarily geared toward marketing, you can use it for various business purposes. For example, Google Bard AI can generate text based on your instructions.

Perplexity AI

Despite its flaws, I think this software can become one of the wrenches in your marketing toolbox. 

The platform works as a chatbot, and you can go back and forth with it, leading various philosophical discussions. Most importantly, is free, and you can play around with it for as long as you want. 

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While AI is still developing and so are these platforms, marketers can use these for free to begin to streamline and simplify various repetitive tasks that previously took them hours to complete. 

Which one on the list is your favorite free AI tool?

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