A Game Streamer Is Using Their Mind Control to Compete in Valorant and Halo Infinite

Perri Karyal, a video game streamer, has developed her own custom controller that reads electroencephalogram signals (EEG) to play video games. This device allows her to use the controller using only her mind, and does not require hands for any input. Karyal has previously explained that she designed this controller to recognize repeatable patterns in EEG measurements.

That bit is achieved through electrical oscillations recorded from a headset that is placed on her scalp so as to simulate the act of pressing a button on a game pad or keyboard. Her creation came into notice when she started playing Elden Ring using her device. Karyal has previously explained that she has spent more time training the EEG than playing Elden Ring, and that’s not an understatement as she had logged over 250 hours in Elden Ring back in May 2023.

The gamer has been working harder each day to improve the controller as well as her control over it. Now, we got to see just how impressively good she has gotten, and the potential this game controller has. She recently posted a clip where she was seen using literal mind control to compete in Valorant and Halo Infinite.

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Not only is she competing, but even got 4 kills each on Valorant and Halo Infinite’s online multiplayer matches. She wrote on Twitter (Now X), “I finally did it! 4 FPS kills with no hands whatsoever. Mind control for the win. I am unbelievably hyped for how unreal this feels!”

She posted another clip of Valorant where she declared that Brain Control Valorant “has officially been done.” Check out the clips, and they are just as fascinating and real as all of this sounds. There was a time when the idea of playing video games using just your thoughts was a dream, and her device seems to not only have accomplished it, but it is also inching closer and closer to perfecting it.

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