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Want a pair of Type Soul Legendary Eyes? It’s all down to chance. Luckily, the obtainable sets of eyes are inspired by a range of characters from anime series and video games!

Visit the Type Soul Roblox page to (re) roll your eyes. Have a read of our Type Soul World Ticket guide to find out what the item does!

Type Soul Legendary Eyes

Legendary Eyes are just that; Legendary. To be more specific, they’re of Legendary rarity, meaning they only have a 3% chance to drop. This makes them the rarest pair of eyes to obtain in Type Soul right now. So, as you can imagine, they’re highly sought-after!

Not only do they look good, but they’re a bit of a flex too. Who doesn’t want to have matching eyes with their favourite anime characters? Despite Type Soul being a Bleach game, Legendary Eye Cosmetics are inspired by a range of characters from other franchises too. To obtain new eye, you need to use an Eye Reroll!

Eyes From Other Franchises

From Oshi no Ko, to Honkai Impact 3rd, you’re sure to find the perfect eyes for your character.

LelouchBased on the eyes of Lelouch from Code Geass Hoshino IdolAh yes, the idol of everyone’s hearts, Ai Hoshino, from Oshi no Ko. The sparkling stars of her eyes are now a cosmetic item in Type Soul! You can’t mistake these eyes when you see them MakimaThe stern eyes of everyone’s favourite boss, Makima, from the Chainsaw Man seriesFeatures the iconic swirls and circles of her eyes KurumiThe eyes of the popular goth, Kurumi, from Date A Live! (my favourite character from the series by far) KokushiboThe eyes of the villain from Demon Slayer – all 4 of them too! CielThe iconic eyes of Ciel Phantomhive from Black ButlerThere’s also an alternative version of these eyes, with a slightly different eye shape BenimaruBased on the eyes of Benimaru from Fire Force, with one circular pupil, and the other being a cross King BradleyYes, the King Bradley of Full Metal Alchemist! It includes the scars too Herrscher of VoidKiana Kaslana’s Void Herrscher form from the game, Honkai Impact 3rd AnosBased on the Magic Eyes design from The Misfit of Demon King Academy AkazaAkaza the basketball from Demon Slayer!

Eyes From Bleach

HollowThe eyes of a Hollow, with the right side containing multiple eyes


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