Annular solar eclipse 2023: Live updates



Ring of fire solar eclipse of 2023 is one week away!

The path of annularity crossing the U.S. on October 14, 2023. (Image credit: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio)

The stage is set for one of the greatest sun events of 2023, if not the greatest skywatching event of the year! 

We are officially one week away from the annular solar eclipse of Oct. 14 and is one that could potentially be visible to millions of people across the United States. While not a total solar eclipse, the annular eclipse will offer a “ring of fire” effect for observers in the path of maximum coverage, as the moon will not completely cover the sun during the event. Instead, it will leave a small ring of the sun visible, also called an annulus, hence its name.

Ultimate guide to October’s ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse

The path of annularity will cross parts of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas before moving on to Central and South America. If you are not in the path of annularity, you’ll be able to see partial solar eclipse, BUT BE SURE TO USE PROTECTIVE SOLAR ECLIPSE GLASSES to protect your eyes and vision.

Here’s a look at some of’s resources for the solar eclipse to help you prepare for the event. We’ll have daily stories leading up to the event.

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