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The PC platform just welcomed a new creature collector. We love monster-catching games. While a certain franchise might dominate the market a little, there’s been plenty to get excited about. Coromon just launched onto mobile platforms, and we’ll see Palworld on PC next year. Right now we’ve got Anode Heart, a top-down pixel art monster hunting game with a twist of sci-fi flavour.

Anode Heart is a monster-catching game, clearly borne from a love of series like Pokémon and Digimon, given its own twist. It’s set in the far future, where the real and virtual worlds have collided, with strange consequences. Creatures known as Tama, once inhabitants of the digital world, have taken shape in the physical realm.

No Memories, Many Problems

You take on the role of Seek, an amnesiac robot who washes ashore in a strange land with little idea of how you got there. There’s not a lot of time to dwell on that though, you’ll need to get it together and set out on a journey to save the world from a terrible fate.

The game features over 140 monsters to find, along with some mysterious Mythicals to track down, too.

Loads To Do

There’s battling, taming, and tons of moves to learn. If you want other distractions, you can take part in a card-battling minigame, or immerse yourself in the breeding mechanics to create the most ideal monsters.

Then, you can explore the world, which is semi-open, with over twenty areas, if perhaps not without dangers.

Sound like your speed, but not ready to commit money? There’s a demo available for free via the Anode Heart Steam page, with 30 monsters of the whole 140 available inside, so there’s plenty of opportunity to try the game out for yourself before you commit.

Want some more monster-catching fun? Take a look at our news piece on Monstronomy.



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