Atari 50 Expanding In Fall With 39 New Games – News

A full expansion about two years after the original game, but that’s what happens when you can dance on a grave.

Atari 50 has announced a major expansion this fall partially to celebrate the end of the “first console war”.

Launching on October 25, the expansion will add two new “timelines” to the expansive collection, one focused on the general influence and style of Atari and one focused on the firm’s early 1980s rivalry with the Intellivision – a brand that Atari recently acquired. The influence collection will contain 19 new games, while the Intellivision timeline will add 20 additional games for a total of 39. Both packages will be available as separate pieces of downloadable content for those who purchased the original game.

The expansion will also be part of a new physical release, with a standard edition for US$40 and a steelbook edition with art cards, miniature arcade marquees, and a replica business card for $50.

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