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Atelier Resleriana Showcases Story and New Heroines in English Ahead of Global Release


Today Koei Tecmo released a new trailer of the upcoming global version in English of the free-to-play JRPG Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.

The video showcases the game’s backstory and introduces the two main heroines.

Their names are Resna Sternenlicht and Valeria, and unlike many of the characters included in the game, they’re original heroines. While Resna is the titular alchemist of the game, Valeria is a warrior who has lost her memories. 

Alchemy in Atelier Resleriana

The trailer comes with English subtitles, providing Western fans with a good chance to grasp the game’s backstory. It also provides a look at the game’s cutesy art style.

You can check it out below. 

Atelier Resleriana was originally launched in Japan in September and Koei Tecmo mentioned in its latest financial announcement that the launch has been successful and the game is driving significant revenue for the publisher. 

It’s developed by Akatsuki Games and we don’t yet know when it’ll be released in the West, albeit we do know that it’s coming for PC via Steam, iOS, and Android, and pre-registrations are already open. 

Like many gacha-powered free-to-play titles belonging to established franchises, it’s an all-star game, so you can expect to see the return of many beloved characters from previous Atelier titles including Ryza, Lent, and Tao from the Atelier Ryza trilogy, Judie and Vio from the Gramnad series, Rorona, Iksel, Esty, Cordelia, Totori, and Meruru from the Arland series, and quite a few more. 

You can expect the gameplay loop to revolve around Atelier staples like gathering, synthesis, and combat, with battles following a classic timeline turn-based system, which the series has been based on for a long time, even if every game had its own peculiarities. 

Since Koei Tecmo doesn’t usually release its mobile games in the West, it’ll be interesting to see whether the fans will embrace it when it launches soon. 

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