Best Default Loadout in MW3 Beta, Ranked

As a new player, it’ll take a few matches to unlock the ability to create your own class. Before then, you have several premade loadouts you can try to get a feel of combat in MW3. Fortunately, there are a few excellent presets and enough variety for every play style. Sometimes, the map will dictate what weapons are best, but a few loadouts perform well everywhere. These are my picks for the best default loadout in MW3 beta, ranked.

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Best default loadout in MW3 beta, ranked

Loadouts are heavily dependent on your playstyle, but out of the selection, these are the three I had the most success with. Even if you start late, it’s great that several default loadouts are strong enough that you won’t feel left behind.

#3 Frontline

Frontline feels like the quintessential ‘COD’ loadout as you’ve got an answer for every situation. At the core of the Loadout, you have the MCW Assault Rifle. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the recoil for this thing! Seriously, the MCW feels like a laser and is super easy to use.

I’m not a Shotgun enjoyer, but the Lockwood 680 is punchy in close quarters. With Skid Row’s popularity, there’s plenty of opportunity to engage in those close-range battles.

The Flash and Frag grenades complement the Loadout nicely, and while it doesn’t do anything special, you can make Frontline work anywhere.

#2 Marksman

With a name like ‘Marksman,’ you may presume this Loadout won’t perform in a straight gunfight. I’m happy to report that’s not the case.

This Loadout contains the MTZ-556 Assault Rifle, which has low recoil and can dish out a ton of damage at mid-range. The ‘Marksman’ part of the Loadout is the KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle. I’m not a massive fan of the optic, as the reticule is black and hard to see, but this thing deletes players. You can completely shut off long lines of sight with the Sniper Rifle; just remember the glint of the scope can give you away.

If the guns weren’t good enough, Semtex is a solid throwable, and the Ghost T/V Camo keeps you off radars and heartbeat sensors.

#1 Combat Controller

I can’t believe I’m about to recommend a loadout with no throwables, but here we are. Combat Controller is all about getting up close and personal, and you have the tools to slip behind enemy lines undetected.

The Striker is an absolutely devastating SMG and is easy to control with its low recoil. The WSP Stinger is listed as a ‘handgun’ but is another solid close-range option if you need to swap mid-fight.

The gear combination is what makes ‘Combat Controller’ so powerful. Tac Mask protects you from Snap Shot grenades, and the Ghost T/V Camo keeps you off UAVs. The Covert Sneakers silence your footsteps, and Scavenger keeps your ammunition topped up. This is the perfect storm of abilities, and once you’re on a successful flank, it’s game over for the enemy team.

I didn’t gel with the other Default Loadouts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have success with them. After you’ve tried the Loadouts above, why not give the others a shot and see what works for you?

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