Best weapons for every companion in Starfield

In Starfield, you can recruit up to 20 different companions, each with unique skills that can be used to your advantage. When you set one of these companions as your active companion, they will follow you and help you fight enemies in combat. However, before they can do that, you need to equip them with the appropriate weapon that matches their specific weapon skill sets. To help you, we have compiled a list of the best weapons for every companion in Starfield.

Starfield companion best weapons tier list

Marika Boros Starfield

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The alphabetical table below lists all 20 companions and the recommended weapons to equip them based on their specific weapon skills. For instance, Andreja has Rank 3 of Particle Beams, meaning you should equip her with powerful Particle Beam Weapons like the Eternity’s Gate. However, remember that not all companions have weapon-specific skills and focus on other areas like your ship or carrying capacity. This means you can arm these companions with whatever weapons you fancy if you decide to make them your active companion. However, there are many better solutions available for use in combat.

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Companion Weapon Weapon Skill(s) Adoring Fan Any N/A Andreja Eternity’s Gate Particle Beams: Rank 3 Andromeda Keppler Any N/A Barrett Any Robotics: Rank 2 Dani Garcia Any Robotics: Rank 2 Gideon Aker Any N/A Heller Any N/A Jessamine Griffin Any N/A Lin Landmines / Grenades Demolitions: Rank 1 Marika Boros Experiment A-7 Shotgun Certification: Rank 1 Mickey Caviar Novablast Disruptor Incapacitation: Rank 1 Moara Otero Hard Target Marksmanship: Rank 1 Omari Hassan Any N/A Rafael Aguerro Any N/A Rosie Tannehill Any N/A Sam Coe Revenant Rifle Certification: Rank 3 Sarah Morgan Unmitigated Violence Lasers: Rank 3 Simeon Bankowski Magsniper Sniper Certification: Rank 3, Marksmanship: Rank 1, and Sharpshooting: Rank 1 Sophia Grace Unmitigated Violence Lasers: Rank 1 Vasco Any N/A

The table above shows the best weapons for every companion in Starfield. However, until you find them, you can equip your companion with a lesser version and still have them be very effective in combat for you!

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on PC and Xbox Series S.

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