Best Wuthering Waves Rover build and teams

We all need to know how to build Wuthering Waves Rover, with all the available attributes, so we’re here to help with our guide that breaks down the best weapons and echoes and lays out each Rover’s kit. You can also find each ascension material and where it’s located, too.

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Here’s how to build Wuthering Waves Rover.

How do I swap Rover’s attribute?

Changing which element – or attribute – your Rover uses is super simple. At the moment, you can choose to use the spectro or havoc element to fight with. To swap between them, follow these steps:

Open the resonator screen and select Rover
In the top left, under your chosen name, it shows the current element with a button next to it
Click the button
Choose which element you want your Rover to be on the screen
Click ‘Convert’

There you have it, a shiny new type of Rover to use.

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What are Rover’s stats?

Here are Rover’s base stats at levels one and 90, without additions from weapons or echoes.

Level one
Level 90




Max energy

Crit rate

Crit damage

Healing bonus

Spectro/havoc damage bonus

What are Rover’s skills?

Rover, as the main character and first unit you get, has a useful kit that brings in different elements including damage, healing, and time manipulation. Each element of the Rover has a different set of skills, so make sure to read through what they can do so you can use them properly on the field.

Spectro Rover’s active skills


Basic attack – Vibration Manifestation
Rover performs four consecutive attacks with the basic attack button to deal spectro damage

Heavy attack – Vibration Manifestation

Consuming some stamina while holding the basic attack button, Rover deals spectro damage

Resonance –After the third basic attack or a heavy attack, press the basic attack button again at the right time to perform the Resonance attack, dealing spectro damage

Aftertune –After using Resonance or a dodge counter that hits a target, hit the basic attack button to unleash Aftertune, dealing spectro damage

Mid-air attack – Vibration Manifestation
Rover consumes stamina to leap into the air when hitting the jump button, then hit the basic attack button to plunge to the ground dealing spectro damage

Dodge counter – Vibration Manifestation
Use the basic attack button right after a successful dodge to attack the target

Resonance skill – Resonating Slashes
Rushing forward, Rover deals spectro damage to targets

Resonance liberation – Echoing Orchestra
Rover uses spectro energy to cause damage in an AoE after a short pause

Intro skill – Waveshock
Rover attacks the target with spectro damage

Outro skill – Instant
Rover generates an area of stasis around the active character for three seconds

Spectro Rover’s passive skills


Forte circuit – World in a Grain of Sand
Resonance skill: Resonating Spin –If Diminutive Sound exceeds 50 when Rover uses their resonance skill (Resonating Slashes), Rover consumes that 50 Diminutive Sound to cast Resonating Spin, dealing spectro damageBasic attack: Resonating Echoes –After Resonating Spin ends, Rover performs resonating Echoes on the next basic attack. This deals spectro damage considered resonance skill damageDiminutive Sound –Rover can hold 100 Diminutive Sounds at once. You gain one for each normal attack, heavy attack, and intro attack hit

Inherent skill – Reticence (unlockable at resonator rank two)
Increases damage dealt by Resonating Echoes by 60%

Inherent skill – Silent Listener (unlockable after Reticence)
Rover gains a 15% attack increase for five seconds after using the heavy attack Resonance

Havoc Rover’s active skills


Basic attack – Tuneslayer
Perform up to five consecutive attacks as Rover by hitting the basic attack button

Heavy attack – Tuneslayer
Hold the basic attack button to consume stamina and perform a heavier attack, dealing havoc damage. Press the basic attack right after to cast a basic attack four and deal more damage

Mid-air attack – Tuneslayer
Consume stamina to jump into the air and then hit the basic attack button to plunge, dealing havoc damage

Dodge counter – Tuneslayer
Use the basic attack button after a successful dodge to counter it with an attack

Resonance skill – Wingblade
Rover transforms sound into feathers and attacks the target with havoc damage

Resonance liberation – Deadening Abyss
Rover gathers sound to attack the target, dealing havoc damage

Intro skill – Instant of Annihilation
Attack the target head on dealing havoc damage

Outro skill – Soundweaver
Rover summons a havoc field, dealing 143.3% damage to all targets in range every two seconds, lasting for six seconds

Havoc Rover’s passive skills


Forte circuit – Umbra Eclipse
Devastation –When Umbra is full, hold the basic attack button to cast Devastation, and attack the target with heavy havoc damageDark Surge – After using Devastation, Rover enters the Dark Surge state. In this state, basic and heavy attacks become enhanced. You can use a basic attack after an enhanced to cast Thwackblade, dealing heavier havoc damage.Using a basic attack after Thwackblade performs basic attack three.Wingblade is also replaced by Lifetaker, dealing havoc damage in multiple instancesUmbra – Rover can hold up to 100 points of Umbra. Normal attack, intro skills, and resonance skills recover points

Inherent skill – Metamorph (unlockable at resonator rank two)
When in the Dark Urge state, Rover’s havoc damage increases by 20%

Inherent skill – Bleak Crescendo (unlockable after Metamorph)
When in the Dark Urge state, Rover’s basic attack recovers one resonance energy when hitting a target. This can trigger once per second

The female Wuthering Waves rover holding a glowing hand to the camera

What are the Rover’s resonance chains?

Rover gets different resonance chain nodes for each element. Here are both the current chains for the spectro and havoc elements.

Spectro Rover resonance chain

Resonance chain sequence

Sequence node one – Odyssey of Beginnings
Rover’s crit rate increases by 15% for seven seconds when using Resonating Slashes and Resonating Spin

Sequence node two – Microcosmic Murmurs
Increases Rover’s spectro damage bonus by 20%

Sequence node three – Visages of Dust
Increases Rover’s energy regeneration by 20%

Sequence node four – Resonating Lamella
When casting Echoing Resonance, Rover restores HP for all teammates equal to 20% of their attack stat. Healing takes place every second for five seconds

Sequence node five – Temporal Virtuoso
Increases Rover’s resonance liberation damage bonus by 40%

Sequence node six – Echoes of Wanderlust
Resonating Slashes and Resonating Spin reduce the target’s spectro damage resistance by 10% for 20 seconds on hit

Havoc Rover resonance chain

Resonance chain sequence

Sequence node one – Cryptic Insight
Increases Rover’s resonance skill damage bonus by 30%

Sequence node two – Waning Crescent
When Rover enters the Dark Surge state when using Devastation, the cooldown of their resonance skill resets

Sequence node three – Surging Resonance
In the Dark Surge state, the fifth basic attack in Rover’s combo restores HP equal to 10% of their total HP on hit

Sequence node four – Annihilated Silence
Devastation and Deadening Abyss reduce the enemy’s havoc resistance by 10% for 20 seconds on hit

Sequence node five – Aeon Symphony
In the Dark Surge state, the fifth basic attack in Rover’s combo deals additional havoc damage equal to 50% of the attack’s damage

Sequence node six – Ebbing Undercurrent
While in the Dark Urge state, Rover’s crit rate increases by 25%

What’s the best weapon for Rover?

Rover, no matter the element, uses a sword weapon, and you don’t really need to change it when swapping element types.


Emerald of Genesis (five-star)
Increases energy regeneration by 12.8%. When releasing Rover’s resonance skill, it increases ATK by 6%, stacking up to two times. This effect lasts for ten seconds

Commander of Conviction (four-star)
Increases attack by 15% when Rover’s intro skill gets released, lasting for 15 seconds

Lunar Cutter (four-star)
Rover gains six stacks of Oath upon entering the battlefield. Each stack increases their attack by 2%, up to six stacks. This effect can trigger one time every 12 seconds. Oath reduces by one stack every two seconds. Rover gains another six stacks of Oath upon defeating an enemy

Sword of Night (three-star)
Increases Rover’s attack by 8% when their intro skill is released, lasting for ten seconds

The male Wuthering Waves rover holding a hand up to his ear

What are the best echoes for Rover?

Here’s a quick run-down of which echoes you should equip on both elements of the Rover. We have a full Wuthering Waves echo guide here for further information.

For both havoc and spectro Rover, you should prioritize echoes with the following:

Main stats

Spectro/havoc damage bonus
Crit rate/damage
Energy regeneration


Crit rate/crit damage
Energy regeneration
Basic attack damage bonus
Heavy attack damage bonus

Spectro Rover echoes

When picking echoes for spectro Rover, it’s best to aim for a five-piece set of Celestial Light, or two two-piece sets of Lingering Tunes and Celestial Light to activate the spectro damage and attack bonuses.

The best echo for the spectro Rover is the Mourning Aix as it deals plenty of spectro damage. A Rocksteady Guardian, Spectro Prism, and Zig Zag can all add more spectro damage through their innate skills if you equip them as the main echo.

Havoc Rover echoes

For the havoc Rover, aim for a five-piece set of the Sun Sinking Eclipse set for the full havoc damage bonus. Like above, you can mix two-piece sets of the Lingering Tunes attack boosting set, too.

The havoc Rover’s best echo is the Dreamless – when it’s equipped as your main echo, it can deal some heavy havoc damage. If you’re looking for an easily attainable echo that has a havoc damage-dealing skill, you can go for a Havoc Dreadmane, Roseshroom, or Tambourinist.

What are Rover’s ascension materials?

Here are the materials you need to ascend Rover from level one, all the way up to 90. You only need to ascend them once, no matter which element you have them using.

Ascension rank
Materials required

One – level 20
5k shell credits and four LF whisperin cores

Two – level 40
10k shell credits, four pecok flowers, one mysterious code, four MF whisperin cores

Three – level 50
15k shell credits, eight pecok flowers, one mysterious code, eight MF whisperin cores

Four – level 60
20k shell credits, 12 pecok flowers, one mysterious code, four HF whisperin cores

Five – level 70
40k shell credits, 16 pecok flowers, one mysterious code, eight HF whisperin cores

Six – level 80
 80k shell credits, 20 pecok flowers, one mysterious code, four FF whisperin cores

Here’s where you can find each of the above materials:

Mysterious code

This item is specific to Rover, and is not used to level up any other character. You get them as rewards for completing quests and for handing in Sonance Caskets to the relic merchant in Jinzhou

Pecok flowers

These flowers grow in the overworld around Taoyuan Village and Tiderise Cliff. You can purchase 15 of them from Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou which reset after a certain time

Whisperin cores

These enemy drops come from Predator and Warrior enemies, as well as Whiff Whaff, Tick Tack, Zig Zag, and Snip Snap enemies. You can also buy them from the weapon shop and gain them in forgery challenges

Shell credits

Shell credits are the in-game currency and can be farmed, earned from enemies and boss drops, or exchanged in the store

What are Rover’s forte materials?

For both Rover builds in the game so far, you need mostly the same materials, except for the weekly boss drop.

Here are Rover’s total forte materials and where to find or buy them:

25 LF whisperin cores, 28 MF whisperin cores, 40 HF whisperin cores, and 57 FF whisperin cores

Obtain from normal enemies, the store, the weapon shop, or forgery challenges

25 inert metallic drip, 28 reactive metallic drip, 55 polarized metallic drip, and 67 heterized metallic drip

Obtain from the Flaming Remnants forgery challenge, via the synthesizer, Jinzhou’s weapon shop, or Jinzhou’s souvenir store

2,030,000 shell credits

Spectro Rover weekly boss drop

21 unending destruction

These drop from the weekly Scar boss – Chaotic Juncture: Ember – located near Qichi Village

Havoc Rover weekly boss drop

21 dreamless feather

These drop from the weekly Dreamless boss – Statue of the Crownless: Heart – located in Norfall Barrens

Wondering what to do next after building your Rover? Check out the current Wuthering Waves events, then why not focus on limited characters like Wuthering Waves Jiyan and Wuthering Waves Yinlin, or build the best healer in the game, Wuthering Waves Verina.

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