Bethesda Boss Pete Hines Announces Retirement After 24 Years


Bethesda‘s head of publishing, Pete Hines, has announced his retirement from the developer after 24 years.

Hines revealed that after a successful career, and with the recent launch of Starfield, now seemed like the right time to retire. During his tenure, Bethesda released some of the most popular games of the last two decades. Besides Starfield, the developer published giants like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Hines posted a statement on X (formally Twitter) explaining his decision.

Pete Hines Retirement From Bethesda

Hines’ statement reads in part: “After 24 years, I have decided my time at Bethesda Softworks has come to an end. I am retiring and will begin an exciting new chapter of my life exploring interests and passions, donating my time where I can, and taking more time to enjoy life.”

Besides promising to remain a part of the Bethesda community, Hines thanked fans for their support over the years. “Thank you to the hundreds and thousands of fans l’ve gotten to meet and talk to over the last 24 years. Your energy, creativity, and support has been such a big part of my journey. I look forward to experiencing the next part of the adventure alongside you.”

Bethesda also released a statement thanking Hines for his years at the company. It called him an “integral” part of Bethesda’s development, saying he contributed to its “authenticity, integrity and passion.” Much of Bethesda’s development as a major player in the gaming industry occurred under Hines’ watch.

Hines began working at Bethesda in 1999 as its senior vice president of global marketing and communications. He quickly became a prominent figure in the company, especially in connection to Fallout. Hines spent 23 years in that position before taking over as head of publishing in October 2022. After Microsoft revealed its intent to purchase Bethesda in 2020, Hines publically approved of the deal.

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