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Biden Joins Donald Trump’s Truth Social Platform As Dark Brandon

President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign created a Truth Social account on Monday, sending out several messages, known on the platform as “truths.” And it’s an odd place for Biden to appear, given the fact that it was founded in 2022 by Donald Trump, the presumed nominee for the Republican ticket in 2024.

“Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts welcome!” the account tweeted on Monday afternoon.

The account, which is found under the handle @BidenHQ, features a profile image of Biden with red glowing eyes, a meme known online as “Dark Brandon.”

There was initially speculation that Biden’s new account wasn’t authentic, but Fox News Digital verified with unnamed Biden campaign officials that it’s the real deal, telling the news outlet they were, “meeting voters where they are.”

But that’s an odd choice of words, considering that Truth Social is widely regarded as a ghost town in the social media world. The site only has about 600,000 monthly active users, according to Reuters, compared with 528 million at X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, and over 3 billion at Facebook.

Truth Social may not be attracting many users, but it’s the only platform where former president Trump is still consistently posting his personal thoughts, often filled with extremist rhetoric. Recently, Trump has accused several media outlets of “treason” and said he would take away their broadcasting licenses if he retook power, and even suggested that Mark Milley, a top military official who recently retired, should be put to death.

The Dark Brandon meme is sure to upset some Trump supporters, who originally started calling the president “Brandon” after a long and convoluted misunderstanding that caught fire back in 2021. The meme started after NASCAR racer Brandon Brown gave an interview where people were shouting “f— Joe Biden” in the background and the interviewer apparently misheard the chant, thinking they were shouting “let’s go Brandon,” to cheer on the driver. From then on, “let’s go Brandon” became code for saying curse words at Biden, and Donald Trump even started selling “Let’s Go Brandon” merchandise.

But Biden supporters quickly flipped the meme on its head, trolling conservative Trump voters with memes like “Brandon Sends His Regards” before embracing images of Biden with glowing red eyes and dubbing him Dark Brandon. The joke being that Biden, widely known as a centrist Democrat, was actually a far-left partisan who ruthlessly went after Trump supporters.

The Biden campaign even sells t-shirts and coffee mugs with Dark Brandon graphics, proving that while many people claim the internet isn’t real life, it really is.

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