Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King – Global Launch

Garena has announced the launch for the global version of Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King. Players who are interested in the game can now download the game via your local App or Play Store.

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King is a hero-collection, turn-based RPG based on the popular anime series, Black Clover. Take on the role of our main protagonist Asta, a boy born without magic as he journeys to become the next Wizard King.

The game brings the story to live with an open-world to explore and exciting battles with powerful skills cutscene from the original Anime. Here’s a reminder, try exploring the world manually as there are hidden items for you to pick up.

The controls for combat is easy as it is turn-based. You will need to know your characters well to plan them for your party. Each character can unleash their classic skills, and form many Link-Moves by collaborating with squad members, and recreate intense battle scenes. Select your Magic Knights squad members to create your unique combat style!

PublisherGarena International II


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