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Obviously, I wanted to cover the Blade Ball anime sword! I’m the residential weeb amongst the team here on GZ. You can trust me to tell you how to get the very limited anime sword in Blade Ball and what the perks of this blade are right here.

Blade Ball is an intense Roblox game that invites weapons and explosions into classic dodgeball. Hone your skills as you perfect your timing, speed, and strategy to be the last player standing, and the winner against the relentless ball. Repel the ball with your blade, and utilize your abilities, as you aim to knock out other players to secure your sweet victory!

Get in on the fun by checking out the game on the Official Page. Here is a Blade Ball Tier List and a Blade Ball Instant Spin guide.

Blade Ball Anime Sword

It’s not the Wado Ichimonji but it’s just as flashy.

What Is The Anime Sword

Simply a sought-after limited-time blade. It’s shrouded in mystery much like all powerful things. So how do you actually obtain this elite blade? With a striking blue aura and a twisting shuriken-like guard, this gives us enough hints as to where this blade is hiding from the player base majority.

How To Get The Anime Sword

The short answer is that this blade is Japan-exclusive for a massive 700 Robux. So the Anime Sword is actually regional. Plus, with it being time-limited, unless you take a quick flight to Japan there isn’t an honest way to get this blade. Roblox terms and conditions don’t allow for VPN’s to “relocate” your account, but without doing so you will simply never obtain the Anime Blade.

Would we recommend this method? Absolutely NOT. VPN’s put your account in harms way, you could receive a ban from the gaming platform. Which isn’t worth it just for a blade in a game really… All your hard work both within Blade Ball and other titles could be for nothing if you attempt this.

Future Updates

There is always the chance that the DEVs working on Blade Ball release the regional weapon in a later update, meaning a VPN was used and risked all for nothing. We know this news comes to you sadly since there is no legit way to get the Anime Sword yet, but at least you have the clarity of knowledge now!


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