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Halloween has arrived in Blade Ball, and so have the Pumpkins! If you’re looking for how to get Blade Ball pumpkins, or what they do, you’re in the right place! Find out how to get the most out of this spooky event and the rewards for doing so right here in this guide.

Blade Ball is an intense Roblox game that invites weapons and explosions into classic dodgeball. Hone your skills as you perfect your timing, speed, and strategy to be the last player standing, and the winner against the relentless ball. Repel the ball with your blade, and utilise your abilities, as you aim to knock out other players to secure your sweet victory!

Get in on the fun by checking out the game on the Official Page. We also did a Blade Ball Tier List, and a Blade Ball Instant Spin guide. But, if you fancy trying something new why not check out SOULS Tier List.

Blade Ball Pumpkins

I am NOT a Jack-O-Lantern. My name is Lewis.

What Are The Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the temporary replacement currency within Blade Ball during the Halloween event. The Pumpkins are a limited-time opportunity to get the exclusive Phantom Skill that is otherwise only obtained through Robux. You’ll want to get Pumpkins, and fast. But don’t worry, we of course included all the tips and tricks for how to grind for Pumpkins here too.

How To Get Pumpkins

There are a few ways in which the game generates Pumpkins for you during the Halloween event. Some methods are rather simple whilst others are more elusive or costly. Either way, let’s hurry into all the different ways you can increase how many Pumpkins you have so you can get your hands on the Phantom Skill.

Daily Login

One of the easier ways to earn Pumpkins during this event is by simply logging in. Players are awarded Pumpkins just for checking in daily. The number of Pumpkins varies day by day too, but when they’re free you’ll want to claim them all!

Quest Completion

An all-new battle pass was added to Blade Ball, where you can work through different tiers for rewards and EXP. You can jump in on the free version, but those who choose to pay for the extended version of the battle pass will get double the loot at the cost of 799 Robux.

The quests are split into daily and seasonal. Some of the quests will require simply actions like simply logging in or interacting with a certain aspect of the game. More complicated quests will award you more but may ask for you to win matches such as two-team battles.

Teaming Up

Another simple trick to getting Pumpkins is as simple as creating a team. Blade Ball will award you a generous 150 Pumpkins just for forging a team with other players. If you and your team join matches you’ll get 100 more Pumpkins for participation. This route seems great for grinding Pumpkins as you can earn so much for so little effort.

Pay For Halloween Spins

Finally, as all games offer, you can always pay for Halloween spins using Robux. One spin will cost you 99 Robux, and a deal for 10 spins will cost 799. May luck be on your side!


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