Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Will Launch With Fan-Favourite Verdansk Map; Slated for Spring 2024 Release

Call of Duty Warzone mobile developers have confirmed that the game will launch worldwide in Spring 2024. Much to the fans’ delight, both Verdansk and Rebirth Island will be playable maps when the game arrives. This would mark Verdansk’s official return to Warzone, which was the first map of Warzone when the battle royale launched for PC and consoles in 2019.

Warzone Mobile is now live in select regions around the world, but the game will be available to everyone with both maps later in the spring, giving CoD fans yet another game to look forward to, after Modern Warfare 3 releases this November.

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Warzone Mobile will have cross-progression with the battle passes in the mainline console and PC games (Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 3). That means you can rank up and unlock rewards while playing any of these Call of Duty games.

Fans have been asking for Verdansk’s return for quite some time now. The map was removed from Warzone 1, and it was replaced by the Caldera map in 2021. While the PC and console players will have to wait, those hopping on to Warzone Mobile will get to experience playing in Verdansk once again.

This has also increased hopes among fans that Verdansk can indeed make its return to the mainline Warzone 2.0 game as well, but it’s likely not happening anytime soon. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will launch for Android and iOS users, next year in Spring.

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