Cannot find a game [2010s] where you grow plants, water them, and give them different fertilizers. You tap bees to collect money.

Cannot find a game [2010s] where you grow plants, water them, and give them different fertilizers. You tap bees to collect money.

Platform(s): Mobile (Android)

Genre: Relaxing/ Tap game/ Collectable

Estimated year of release: 2010 – 2015

Graphics/art style: Cute style, cartoon

Notable characters: Bees. There are many types of bees you can see in this game, but mostly it was just the regular type.

Notable gameplay mechanics: The gameplay loop is like this:

• You get a seed.

• You water it with a watering can that fills up quite slowly.

• Once the seed gets to level 5 (I believe), you have to choose which fertilizer to give to it.

• There are about 6(?) different fertilizers to choose from (will write them down).

• The seed evolves and gets a new look.

• You water it again until it gets to level 10, and then you choose a different fertilizer (it could be the same one you gave it before). Again, it evolves.

• You choose a fertilizer for it one more time at level 25, and then you see its final form.

• There is nothing you can do with the plant at this point, and the game asks you if you want to engrave and sell the plant.

• The plant you just sold is saved to your collectibles diary (more on that later).

• You get a new seed and start all over again.

• Once you collect all 28(?) plants, you get a brand new type of seed. I never got to that point, though.

Collecting money:

• Your main source of income is getting coins by killing the innocent bees that fly by by tapping on them once.

• You also get a few coins from selling the fully evolved plants.

• You can use the money to buy better watering cans, prettier backgrounds, or a different soundtrack.


You use them three times on each of the plants and choose from these options (not really sure about all of them):

• Meat

• Vegetable

• Star

• Diamond

• Clay

• Moon

The collectibles diary:

The main point of this game is to collect everything there is to collect:

• Plants – Collecting all the plants is quite hard and takes a lot of time, but it's the main point of this game.

• Bees – Every once in a while, a rare bee flies by, and you have to tap it before it flies away (it pays more money too).

• Watering cans – You get most of these as a reward for achievements.

My sob story:

I've been trying to find this game for so long now (on and off) with no answers that I'm starting to think I'm schizophrenic. It's not that long since I last played it (2016?), but I cannot find anything on Google Play store and not even in my email when I'm fairly certain that I used to send pictures of my new plants to my friend.

(posted it on r/tipofmyjoystick already but trying my luck here too)

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