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Could the Silent Hill 2 Achievements Leak Point Towards a Release Date? – Gamezebo

There has been a Silent Hill 2 achievements list leak, and it’s shockingly small. Apparently, there are only 12 Steam achievements altogether. With Silent Hill 2 being such a big upcoming game, is this number too low for players?

For more information about the Silent Hill 2 Remake, you can visit the game’s official Steam page. Looking for a new horror game to play while you wait for Silent Hill 2? Check out our highlight on Blue Maiden, a brand-new J-horror title.

The Pros and Cons of the Silent Hill 2 Achievements

Well, there are two sides of this coin. One is that the fewer achievements the better as it allows players to enjoy the game without having to narrow down on certain goals. But the latter is that fewer achievements to complete means the replayability may be nill. I guess it all depends on how you view video games and grinding for in-game achievements.

The main prediction is that you earn an achievement when you beat each chapter of the game. However, it could also cover multiple endings, as well as hidden objects and easter eggs. While having an achievement for each level can be fun to work towards, it’s also a little lackluster. It’s cool to get a reward for progressing through a game, but it’s undeniably a great feeling when you receive an achievement for finding a completely random item or side quest.

Does This Mean A Release Date is Coming Soon?

Because of this leak, fans of Silent Hill are patiently waiting for an upcoming announcement that may reveal a potential release date for Silent Hill 2. Sadly, it’s been radio silence for quite a while, leaving a lot of gamers disappointed – and predicting that the game was going to be canned. Luckily, the fact that the Silent Hill 2 achievements are now on the game’s Steam page means we may find out more about the remake imminently. A recent tweet by the Lost in Silent Hill Twitter account shows the latest Changelist for the game!

Additionally, if you visit the Steam page for the Silent Hill 2 Remake, you can see that the “Steam Achievements” tag is now there! Make sure to add the game to your wishlist so you can keep up to date with any future updates. As the Steam page was updated more or less secretly, it looks like the team behind the game is getting ready to announce something very soon…



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