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Dead by Daylight Mobile has unleashed a limited-time crossover with the horrifically brutal anime, Attack on Titan. This gore-fest collab began on October 26th and will conclude in just two weeks on November 9th. There are exclusive rewards to gain during this event and plenty of carnage to unleash across the land of the dead.

Attack on Daylight!

Featuring some iconic faces from the AoT universe, players can now take on the post-apocalyptic world in cosplay, kind of. From Titan skins to Corps uniforms, there are a ton of different outfits to customize with. This isn’t all, as themed charms, shirts, and accessories are all up for grabs – for free!

One of the highlights from the limited-grab gear includes the intense and short(fused), Captain Levi in his cleaning uniform. This iconic outfit shows him in a more casual fit, despite the severity of the apocalypse. Levi has rolled up his sleeves and has fastened a slick white bandana around his head, with his feather duster equipped to his waist of course! Mikasa also gets a similar treatment, she remains unparted with her red scarf, but is seen in a rather metallic uniform. Surely this would make a racket and alert the zombies, right?

Eren’s Titan form [The Trapper] also makes a grand entry to this event. Showcased through three different tiers that follow the evolution as seen within the anime. Beginning at the Silver tier, we see him in his original blood-stained glory. Onto Gold next where his skin seemingly ignites with pulsating burning red engravings across his skin. Finally, the Platinum edition, where an ice-cool encasing hugs his figure.

DbD AoT Outfits

Dead by Titan

The Dead by Daylight Mobile release is a multiplayer experience which drags you into a world of decaying horrors. Though, this game differs from the ‘titan’ Console and PC version, as its central focus relies on multiplayer and is less plot heavy. You and your friends can enter into 4v1 matches where one of you will be elected the killer. The survivors must band together to strategize a win, or aim for the solo-winner route and sacrifice their friends for their own skin.

All this fun can be elevated with the all new collaboration with AoT, so waste no time in checking it out! You can read more on the game details and collab over on the DbDM website! Don’t forget to check out some of our other news too. The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Feature Skyrim’s Levelling System, Launches in 2028.


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