[DEV] SpellForce 2 – Master of War @Google Playstore

[DEV] SpellForce 2 - Master of War @Google Playstore

Hi everyone! I was here i think around 4 years ago and showed back then the game we created for Android (back then only as local APK). After all these years i am very happy to finally offer you the latest and enhanced version of it for the Android Playstore!

SF2-MoW wallpaper

This game is a digital remake of the cardgame released back in 2006 of the SpellForce 2 Shadow Wars collectors edition. This game is an uncommercial and non profit fan project, that does not intend to hurt the copyright of the IP holders and reservend rights of its content.

Copyright: SpellForce © by THQ Nordic AB, Sweden

Game Development: IT-Huskys Dev Group

The legendary Card-Game of the SpellForce 2 Collectors Edition of 2006, now finally for PC and Android! Play against the NPC, another Player or Online. Over 100 different Cards out of 7 factions and more than 10 powerfull spells to support them. Many hours of tactical turn based gameplay await you.

Based on the origial cardgame out of the SpellForce 2 Collectors-Edition of 2006, SpellForce 2 – Master of War (SF2-MoW) is a turn based strategy cardgame based on the setting of Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars and designed by Jan Wagner, but reinvisioned and expanded with more content and features then its original paper origin.

Since the beginning of time the forces of Eo are fighting each other bitterly to decide who is the ruling power in Eo. Only a true Master of War has what it needs to lead his army of choice to the victory. Do you have what it needs? In Spellforce 2 – Master of War (Based on the SF2:SW Card game of 2006) you can show your tactical power to others. Challenge your opponents in matches witch more than 100 different Cards and more than 10 powerful Magic cards on PC or Android. Play against the AI, other players in the same System/Device or over (W)Lan and Online! Prove yourself in growing the ranks and become the true Master of War!

You will be able to gather an army of all 7 factions of Eo. The "Realm", the "Clan", the "Pact", the "Shaikan", the "Undead", the "Beasts" and the "Demons".

Game Features (4.0):

– Custome Deck (army) of all 7 factions of Eo (Realm, Clan, Pact, Shaikan, Undead, Beasts and Demons) – over 10 Spell-Cards – over 100 different Unit-Cards – Playing a Game vs. the KI – Playing a Game vs. a Human on one Device – Playing a Game vs. a Human on (W)Lan – Playing a Game vs. a Human on the Internet (currently offline) – Dynamic-Animations – optimized for 720p with support for up to 4K – Sound & Music Events – RPG Level/Rank System – Windows and Android support

System Requirements / Support (Android):

Android: 9.0 – 13 CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 or better GPU: Qualcomm Adreno 330 or better RAM: 2GB or higher STORAGE: 3,2 GB free internal storage

Screen-Resolution (useable):

2560(+) x 1440 1920(+) x 1080 1280(+) x 800 1280(+) x 720

Needed Permissions:

Internet Access Speaker Permission HDD Write Permission HDD Read permission

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