Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed set for September 24th

Revealed all the way back during the February 2024 Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed has been without a release date – until now.

The game will release on September 24th, and come not only with a standard edition but also a hefty Limited Edition. The Limited Edition is limited to 5,000 units per console and contains quite a bit of kit, including a 28cm statue of Mickey, an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit keychain, a steelbook, 6 postcards, and a vintage tin sign. The cost for all this? We’re waiting on local pricing and even if it’ll be available, you’re looking at nearly $300 based on the US price of $200.

There’s also a costume pack included, but you can get that with the regular edition as well.

Released originally on the Wii and developed by Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios, the game gives Mickey a magical paintbrush which he can use to paint and erase objects from the world in order to get around and solve puzzles. It’s a deeper take on Mickey Mouse and features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as well.

Nice to see Warren Spector in this trailer too.

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