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Want to know more about Doodle World’s Riptorvent? Struggling with where to obtain them, or just a fan of the critter and want to know more? Well, settle in trainer, as in this guide we cover all things Riptorvent!

Doodle World is often compared to the beloved franchise of Pokemon – and for good reason. It’s a brilliant little Roblox game inspired by the world of Pokemon, where you can explore the world to collect a variety of colourful and unique creatures. These charming characters are called Doodles, and you’ll start the game with your very own Starter Doodle. Compete against your fellow trainers to obtain all 10 keys, and become the best Doodle Trainer in the world!

You can learn more about it on the game’s official Roblox page. Psst, we also have a post on Doodle World Codes! Fan of inspired games? Why not have a peek at our Derelict Guide For Beginners, and Fire Force Online Trainer Guide. Or let something new surprise you and check out our Genshin Impact Tier List for a head start in the gacha!

Doodle World Riptorvent

Loading up the profile for doodle #187….

Who Is Riptorvent?

Riptorvent is the evolved form of Minjoule starting at Level 42. This ferocious doodle is a duel-type of Spark and Beast. This means it has type effectiveness against Air and Insect by 0.5x, as well as Earth and Mind by an impressive 2x! Though watch out, this doodle is at a disadvantage in battles against Food, Light, and Metal types by 0.5x and Crystal types by 2x, ouch!

This final evolution doodle takes an appearance similar to a dragon, with 4 wings that look truly electrifying! Not only that, this doodle is easily recognisable with its iconic skull-like face, fuzzy black chest, and green body. I don’t know which Riptorvent I prefer between the original or the misprint, which takes on an awesome black, purple and blue pallet!


LevitateTurbulent (Hidden)

Where To Obtain Riptorvent

You can get your very own Riptorvent by evolving your Minjoule at Level 42. There is also the chance to obtain Riptorvent from the roulette!

Did You Know?

Riptorvent love getting hit so they can respond with a charged super-powered Thunder Strike!


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