Earbud speaker performs ultrasonic modulation

Cypress, a solid-state MEMs speaker from xMEMS Labs, replaces legacy push-air sound reproduction with ultrasonic amplitude modulation transduction. Using this principle, Cypress turns ultrasonic air pulses into rich, bass-heavy, high-fidelity sound. This tiny MEMS speaker offers a high-quality, high-resolution alternative to the moving-coil speakers found in true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds with active noise cancelling.

As an air pulse generator, Cypress comprises a modulator and demodulator. The modulator generates an amplitude-modulated ultrasonic wave (carrier) that faithfully follows the amplitude of the intended audio signal. The demodulator synchronously demodulates the ultrasonic wave, transferring the acoustic energy down to the baseband. Thus, producing the intended audible sound as a result. With its superior resolution in the time domain, xMEMS claims the Cypress speaker can more accurately reproduce advanced sound formats, including high resolution and spatial audio.

Housed in a 6.3×6.5×1.65-mm package (9-mm diagonal), Cypress is 40 times louder at low frequencies compared to xMEMS’ previous-generation speakers. It provides stronger, deeper bass that is consistent with the best 10-mm to 12-mm legacy coil speakers, including sound pressure levels of greater than 140 dB at frequencies as low as 20 Hz.

Full-function Cypress prototype silicon is now sampling to select early customers. Production-candidate samples of Cypress and the companion Alta controller/amplifier ASIC will sample in June 2024. Mass production is planned for late 2024.

Cypress product page

xMEMS Labs 

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