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Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Release Date Revealed for September

THQ Nordic and developer Purple Lamp have announced the Epic Mickey: Rebrushed release date, and the reworked 3D platformer is on its way to modern systems this fall.

The game, which was originally revealed during this February’s Nintendo Partner Direct, will arrive across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on September 24th, publisher THQ Nordic announced earlier today.

As well as revealing the release date, the publisher also unveiled a shiny Epic Mickey: Rebrushed Collector’s Edition, which is available for pre-order right now and which contains some extra goodies for you to enjoy.

Mickey looking at statues of Walt Disney and Oswald in Epic Mickey: Rebrushed
Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is a full rework of the 2010 Wii platformer.

Said Collector’s Edition contains a number of extra goodies, including an 11-inch Mickey Mouse statue, an Oswald keychain, and a vintage Mickey Mouse sign, as well as several postcards and a collector’s steelbook case.

You can also look forward to special in-game costumes and 24 hours’ worth of early access to the game if you pre-order, although you’ll also get those bonuses if you pre-order the standard version.

To reveal the release date and also preview the collector’s edition, THQ Nordic also released a video starring none other than Epic Mickey creative director Warren Spector, a legend who’s also known for his work on Deus Ex. 

If you’re not familiar with Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, it’s a remake of 2010’s Epic Mickey that features reworked visuals and gameplay.

Built on Unreal Engine 5 instead of the original’s Gamebryo engine, Epic Mickey: Rebrushed not only revamps the graphics of the original game, but also gives Mickey a few new moves, including a ground pounds, a dash, and a sprint.

Rebrushed will tell the same story as the original game, one in which Mickey must delve into Wasteland, a world filled with forgotten Disney characters, and decide its fate with the aid of his magical brush.

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed arrives on PC via Steam, as well as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, on September 24th. Stay tuned for more on this one.

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