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This FF7 Ever Crisis weapon tier list ranks all weapons from best to worst no matter who they are most suitable for! You should try to obtain the weapons in A-tier and S-tier for each of your characters – especially those in your party.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis lets you relive iconic moments in the popular game – but on your mobile device. Delve into brand-new and classic stories as you join a young Sephiroth on his journey. Play as fan-favourite characters, uncover secrets, and take part in explosive combat whilst utilising a wide variety of weapons. With Materia, Summons, Limit Breaks, and more, you can battle against powerful bosses alone or with 3 other players in co-op!

For more information about FF7 Ever Crisis, you can visit the game’s official website. We also have an FF7 Ever Crisis Character tier list! If you’re looking for new games to play, take a look at our Starfield Best Ships guide and a Code Geass Lost Stories tier list.

FF7 Ever Crisis Weapon Tier List

Each Tier Explained

S-Tier: The best weapons to use in the game so farA-Tier: Great weapons to equip but they’re lacking a little something when you compare them to an S-tier weaponB-Tier: Not the strongest, but there’s no shame in using them – be selective with whom you give these weapons!C-Tier: You should only be using these weapons when you’re new to the game, or you don’t have anything betterD-Tier: Once you know what you’re doing in the game, you should avoid these weapons, they’re useless for all characters

S Tier

MurasameApocalypsePowersoulKaiser KnucklesOrganics

A Tier

Amarant’s ClawsZidane’s SwordButterfly EdgeEnhance SwordCrystal SwordMythril SaberBuster SwordMotor DriveCrystal GlovesTiger Fangs

B Tier

HardedgeIron BladeSonic StrikerGrand GlovesLeather Gloves

C Tier

D Tier

Weapons for Cloud

MurasameApocalypseEnhance SwordCrystal SwordOrganicsButterfly EdgeMythril SaberHardedgeIron BladeBuster Sword

Weapons for Barrett

Flame ProjectorMax RayEnemy LauncherMicrolaserSolid BazookaHeavy VulcanW MachineAssault GunGatling Gun

Weapons for Tifa

PowersoulKaiser KnucklesMotor DriveCrystal GlovesTiger FangsSonic StrikerGrand GlovesLeather Gloves

Weapons for Aerith

Wizer StaffFairy TaleFull Metal StaffMythril RodStriking Staff

Weapons for Zack

CutlassArc SwordZweihanderFalchionCrystal Sword (Z)DefenderEnhance Sword (Z)Type-99 Longsword

Tier List Updates

This tier list will be updated when a new weapon is added to the game. It’s likely that brand-new weapons will be added to the game in future updates for each character. In this tier list, each weapon is ranked depending on their overall stats regardless on which character they are for.


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