Fishing adventure Dredge has sold over one million copies since March 2023

The smash hit indie fishing adventure game with a slice of horror, Dredge, has now shifted over one million units across all platforms since launching in March this year. The news was announced by the New Zealand-based developer at PAX Australia in an interview with Game Developer. The team told the site that its success has smashed what they thought was possible as they hoped to try to sell 100,000 copies during the first year. However, that target has obviously been smashed. Here’s what Dredge producer Nadia Thorne and 3D artist Mikey Bastiaens told Game Developer. Dredge is available now on the Nintendo eShop.

“We hoped to maybe sell 100,000 copies in our first year,” said Thorne. “That would have been amazing. That was a top estimate when we were setting our expectations. We smashed through those targets.”

Thorne said the New Zealand-based studio initially felt that selling 1 million copies in the space of a year was a “crazy” target, but said that Dredge actually surpassed 100,000 sales within 24 hours of launch, providing some indication as to what the future held.

“We actually had our launch party on a boat,” says Bastiaens, “and we were just refreshing the [sales page] going ‘oh my god, oh my god.’”


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