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Fortnite Will Get Three New Modes in Chapter 5 – Gamezebo

Just what is next for Fortnite? Fans of the battle royale shooter are frantically trying to figure that out, and leaks are going crazy over on Reddit. The latest is very intriguing indeed, pointing towards a brand new season in December, which will introduce three new modes.

These include racing, rhythm, and open world modes. These won’t all launch at the same time, if the leak is true though. The open world mode, which is LEGO-themed, launches on December 7, while the racing and rhythm modes launch December 8 and 9 respectively.

So, expect a staggered launch for all of the new content in the latest season.

What Are the New Fortnite Modes?

While we don’t know much about the new modes, the leak does point towards Harmonix as the developer of the rhythm mode.

For those unaware, Harmonix is the original creator of Guitar Hero, as well as Dance Central and Rock Band. You could say that this studio is the master of rhythm games. And, you’d be right about that.

As for the racing mode, it will, apparently, feature its own maps, progression systems, and perhaps a ranked and unranked variant. It will also feature its own Battle Pass, which is pretty exciting. You might not need to even like shooting to play Fortnite anymore!

Meanwhile, the LEGO mode is reportedly Fortnite x LEGO x Minecraft. You can generate your own world using LEGO blocks, battle enemies and level up, and, likely, invite your friends to join you. That’s absolutely nuts.

When Does Chapter 5 Launch?

We know for sure that Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 5 ends on Sunday, December 2. That means that Chapter 5, Season 1 will likely launch that same day, or the day after. This is, of course, unless Epic breaks with its usual release cycle.

You can grab Fortnite right now from the official site.


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