Forza Motorsport Update 2 to fix over 200 issues and bring new content

With Forza Motorsport’s first update now firmly in the rear-view mirror, Turn 10 has been working on Update 2, which will bring with it “over 200 fixes” and some new content.

In a blog on the Forza website, Turn 10 said it has been working on more fixes and improvements for the game “based on the top reported issues in the community” and that it wants to resolve issues with the game “as soon as possible.”

Update 2 will also be Forza Motorsport’s first content update for the game. It will begin rolling out to players in mid-November and will add the new track location, Yas Marina. Turn 10 says it also has “over 200 fixes lined up for this release,” some of which have been detailed below:

Forza Motorsport Update 2 patch notes preview

StabilityMany fixes to improve overall game stability and reduce crashes across all platforms.Livery EditorFixed issue where players can view and unlock tunes and vinyls shared by other players.Fixed issue causing black paint shade to show up as grey instead of black.Fixed issue where only the inner barrel on factory rims is paintable.PCFixed issue requiring shaders to recompile every time Forza Motorsport is started on AMD chipsets.Fixed specific game crash that occurs if headphones are plugged into the front panel.Note – PC players using AMD 7900 XTX who encounter a crash at the end of races should download the latest AMD graphics driver to resolve this issue.MultiplayerFixes to matchmaking as a group, party management, and invites and joins across multiplayer.Fixes to ensure custom liveries show up more consistently across multiplayer game modes.Fixes to address cases where Intermission/Launch Countdown would take much longer than expected before the start of multiplayer races.Fixes to automatic wet tire selection when entering an event, and fixes to fuel estimation logic.Fixes to title stability when resuming from a suspended state on console.GameplayResolved an exploit related to changing car tune mid-race.Fixed issue where the game becomes stuck in the “new content update” loop when entering the main menu.Fixes to Replays in scenarios where Replays do not start playing, the cars do not move, or they float.Fixed issue with a forced camera change at the start of a race.CarsFixed issue with the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Sport Roll Cage visual upgrade option, which removes the roof of the car when viewed in first-person.WheelsFixed issue that prevented the Thrustmaster T248 LED screen from displaying race position information.

Turn 10 goes on to say that it will continue to work on Forza Motorsport’s stability beyond Update 2 before acknowledging that the infinite loading screen bug (when saving a quick upgrade in the Builders Cup) is still occurring for some players after a recent hotfix.

“We’re investigating this issue very carefully, and with the additional information that we have received from the community, we believe we have identified the root cause,” Turn 10 said. “We hope to better resolve this issue soon.”

There has been no word from Turn 10 about the buggy Forza Motorsport achievements so far, but the developer says it will release the full list of patch notes closer to Update 2’s release — hopefully we’ll see some achievement fixes then.

Despite all these issues, Forza Motorsport has managed to claim a spot in our list of the best Xbox racing games. However, it seems that not many players are competing online.

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