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Google Calendar Now Makes It Easier to Find a Time to Meet. Here’s How

Whether it’s deciding when to meet a friend for coffee or setting up a meeting for work, scheduling is annoying. The inevitable back-and-forth—“I’m free Monday, does that work?” “No, I’m busy then, what about Thursday”—is just plain tedious. Google Calendar can help with this. The application now offers a free tool called Appointment Schedule, which makes the whole process easier.

With this feature, you can block out time that you’re available to meet. You can then send a link to anyone who might want to meet with you—they can use the link to choose a time. It’s very similar to Calendly. Tools like this are great for freelancers, who need to give potential clients an easy way to book time with them, but it could also be useful for personal things.

Appointment Schedule, when it launched, was a paid-only feature with a limited feature set. That’s not true anymore. You can now use the feature on a regular Google account without a subscription. The service is also now offered to Google Workspace users—previously it was available only to consumer accounts. This is a great change, but the feature is a little bit buried. Here’s how to find it.

Creating an Appointment Schedule in Google Calendar

To get started, open Google Calendar and click the Create button in the top right corner, then click Appointment Schedule.

Screenshot of Google Calendar

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