Google Maps’ new feature lets users add emoji to their maps and saved places

Google has announced a new feature for its web mapping platform Google Maps that allows users to customise their saved places with emojis, helping them to find their favourite spots faster and easier.

On September 6, 2023, the tech giant posted from its ‘@googlemaps’ account on X, “NEW UPDATE: now you can customize your saved places with emojis to help you find your fav spots faster.”

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In a separate post, the company shared a video on how users can add emojis to their Maps.

In our opinion, adding emojis to saved places in Google Maps can provide a quick and visually intuitive way to identify and distinguish between saved places. Users can glance at an emoji to instantly recognise the type or significance of a location.

Also, emojis will allow users to personalise their saved places, making them more relatable and significant. Emojis on Google Maps can also help users to find their favourite spots more efficiently.

Moreover, adding emojis to saved places can be a fun and playful way to interact with Google Maps, making the experience more engaging and enjoyable.

Earlier this year, the tech giant introduced Immersive View to transform the way users explore on Google Maps. This feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to fuse together billions of images and create a multidimensional view of the world with trusted information layered on top.

Also, the company launched glanceable directions in Google Maps, helping users to easily track their trip progress right from their lock screen or route overview. With this feature, users can request directions to their destination and get going. They will see updated ETAs and where to make their next turn– information that was previously only available in comprehensive navigation mode. And if users decide to take another path, Maps will update their trip automatically.

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