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Haggling over price to sell silver.

Haggling over price to sell silver.

Former silver bug here:

This is me in a stressful situation to get rid of silver to buy bitcoin. This exercise showed me that Bitcoin is: More fungible, Quicker, Lighter.

More fungible: Some of my silver coins had developed milk spots, which is the result of an unlucky process cleaning the coins at the mint. This lead to the buyer stressing out over it, wanting to buy the coins bellow spot price for silver. He bought them eventually, but will most likely worry over the spots at the coins developing. My mentality however is silver is silver.

Quicker: I had to drag the physical coins with me to get to the buyer, and then haggle to not get ripped of.

Lighter: Guess how much 0.1 bitcoin weighs in silver?

In the end, happy to be a reformed silver bug.

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