Honkai Impact tier list and reroll guide

With so many valkyries zooming around, it can be hard to know where to start in terms of building a team. That’s where our Honkai Impact tier list comes in to help you pick the best units to invest time into. Our Honkai Impact 3rd tier list helps to narrow down your choices including all of Bronya’s eleven battlesuits.

We’re huge Hoyoverse fans over here at Pocket Tactics and are very proud of our up-to-date Honkai Impact codes and Genshin Impact codes guide, Honkai Star Rail tier list, and character guides like Genshin Impact’s Yae Miko and Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun.

Honkai Impact 3rd tier list

Ranking can change based on your own preferences, what team you use, and when new units get released, but here’s our take on the tier list:

Honkai Impact valkyrie

Herrscher of Reason (Bronya), Miss Pink Elf (Elysia), Herrscher of Human (Elysia), Herrscher of Sentience (Fu Hua), Herscher of the Void (Kiana), Herrscher of Thunder (Raiden Mei), Fervent Tempo (Rozaliya), Stygian Nymph (Seele), Herrscher of Rebirth (Seele)

Infinite Ouroboros (Mobius), Helical Contraption (Vill-V), Starry Impression (Griseo), Reverist Calico (Pardofelis), Haxxor Bunny (Bronya), Golden Diva (Eden), Herrscher of Flamescion (Kiana), Darkbolt Jonin (Yae Sakura), Vermilion Knight (Himeko), Argent Knight (Rita), Sixth Serenade (Kallen), Striker Fulminata (Raiden Mei), Knight Moonbeam (Kiana), Lightning Empress (Raiden Mei), Void Drifter (Kiana), Celestial Hymn (Theresa), Goushinnso Memento (Yae Sakura), Phoenix (Fu Hua), Twilight Paladin (Theresa), Gyakushinn Miko (Yae Sakura), Blood Rose (Himeko), Palatinus Equinox (Durandal), Herrscher of Origin (Raiden Mei), Herrscher of Truth (Bronya), Sugary Starburst (Shigure)

Silverwing: N-EX (Bronya), Bright Knight (Durandal), Fallen Rosemary (Rita), Prizessen der Verurteilung (Fischl), Hawk of the Fog (Fu Hua), Umbral Rose (Rita), Valkyrie Gloria (Durandal), Molotov Chery (Rozaliya), Blueberry Blitz (Liliya), Starlit Astrologos (Theresa), Disciplinary Perdition (Aponia), Spina Astera (Rita), Black Nucleus (Bronya), Valkyrie Bladestrike (Raiden Mei), Jade Knight (Li Sushang), White Comet (Kiana), Herrscher of Finality (Kiana), Kriegsmesser (Himeko), Violet Executer (Theresa), Shadow Knight (Fu Hua), Blazing Hope (Asuka)

Starchasm Nyx (Seele), Dea Anchora (Durandal), Azure Empyrea (Fu Hua), Midnight Absinthe (Natasha), Golden Diva (Eden), Sweet n Spicy (Carole), Flame Sakitama (Yae Sakura), Night Squire (Fu Hua), Valkyrie Accipiter (Fu Hua), Stalker: Phantom Irona (Rita), Luna Kindred (Theresa), Valkyrie Pledge (Theresa), Sakuno Rondo (Theresa), Midnight Absinthe (Natasha), Shadow Dash (Raiden Mei), Crimson Impulse (Raiden Mei), Danzai Spectramancer (Raiden Mei), Ritual Imayoh (Kallen), Sundenjager (Kallen), White Comet (Kiana), Valkyrie Ranger (Kiana), Divine Prayer (Kiana), Scarlet Fusion (Himeko), Battle Storm (Himeko), Valkyrie Triumph (Himeko), Drive Kometa (Bronya), Snowy Sniper (Bronya), Yamabuki Armor (Bronya), Dimension Breaker (Bronya), Valkyrie Chariot (Bronya), Wolf’s Dawn (Bronya), Chrono Navi (Ai Hyperion), Dreamweaver (Misteln), Valkyrie Quicksand (Susannah), Terminal Aide (Prometheus)

How do I get more Honkai Impact 3rd characters?

Much like other big Hoyoverse titles, Honkai Impact uses a gacha system for players to get new characters. You can spend fragments to pull for character cards, and it’s random who you get out of a specific pool of Honkai Impact characters. Some units are also given to you for free as you first start the game.

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How to perform a Honkai Impact reroll

If you’re not quite satisfied with the battle gals you got on your first go, you can reroll your account. However, this requires making a new Hoyoverse account. To do it, follow these steps:

Open up Honkai Impact 3rd
Click ‘Switch Accounts’, and then ‘Hoyoverse’
Choose to register a new account
Start the game and pull some fresh units

You may recognize some of the names here, and there’s a good reason why – check out their counterparts in our build guides for Honkai Star Rail’s Seele, Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko, and Honkai Star Rail’s Bronya.

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