House Flipper 2 Hits PlayStation Next Year

Frozen District and PlayWay’s sequel to its house-flipping simulator, aptly named House Flipper 2, is heading to consoles next year. Did it really need a sequel? No, but it’s getting one anyway.

The Poland-based studio released a trailer officially unveiling the game’s release date on YouTube. This new entry has something for all, whether you’re a newbie looking to take a gander at it or a series vet looking to continue your house flipping escapades, there’s something in it for you.

There’s even going to be a Sandbox Mode, which lets you get creative and even recreate iconic buildings. Console versions are slated to launch on March 21, a couple months after its PC launch next month.

What do you think? Have you enjoyed the serenity of flipping houses in a digital space? Let us know below!

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