How to access the Fell Xenologue DLC in Fire Emblem Engage

The expansion pass for Fire Emblem Engage has been a welcome addition to the game’s content. Intelligent Systems went about adding new Emblems and items through the DLC pass, and they’ve all been fun to use in battle. The final fourth wave of DLC however adds something a bit more substantial than just new Emblems to use in battle—it brings a whole new storyline to Fire Emblem Engage. This storyline takes place in an alternate Elyos, where some characters are not the same as they are in the main game, leading to all sorts of drama. There is one catch to this DLC episode, however, and that is getting access to it. It’s not as easy as selecting it from the main menu as it was in Fire Emblem Three Houses, so here’s our guide on how to access the Fell Xenologue DLC in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to access the Fell Xenologue in Fire Emblem Engage

Gaining access to the Fell Xenologue DLC in Fire Emblem Engage may take a few extra steps, but it’s still pretty easy to do. The first thing you’re going to need to do is play Fire Emblem Engage up to Chapter 6 of the main story. This is where the Fell Xenologue unlocks as an option from the Somniel.

If you’ve played up to this point in the story, then great news, you’re only one step away from accessing the Fell Xenologue in Fire Emblem Engage. The next step to accessing the DLC is to head to the Somniel. Once you’re there, you’re going to want to head over to the Ancient Well, and then a cutscene should ensue with Vander telling you about an odd presence from the Ancient Well.

Fire Emblem Engage Vander Ancient Well Fell Xenologue

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After you’ve seen this scene, all you need to do is walk up to the Ancient Well and select ‘To Xenologue’ to begin the DLC.

Are you locked into the DLC once you begin?

This is something I personally worry about when starting the story DLCs like the Fell Xenologue, but luckily Intelligent Systems and Fire Emblem Engage have an eye out for us. You can return from the Fell Xenologue between chapters if you’d rather go and do a skirmish or tackle a main story fight instead of doing the DLC.

Fire Emblem Engage is available from the Nintendo Store.

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