How to answer the job survey question about Whiskey Neat in Starfield

Starfield Red Tape Blues Deimos Sales Computer

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You’ll wind up doing a lot of odd jobs in Starfield. Some of them fall into your lap. In other cases, you’ll have to pursue them, sometimes by submitting an official application. That’s the case with one job survey that involves a question about ‘whiskey, neat.’ Here is our guide telling you how to answer the job survey question about ‘whiskey, neat’ in Starfield.

Starfield – how to answer the job survey question about Whiskey Neat

During your visit to Cydonia, a city on the surface of Mars, you’ll encounter a fellow named Trevor. He wants you to assist him, which you can do throughout the Red Tape Blues mission. First, however, you need to fill out a survey with a series of questions. To answer the job survey question about ‘whiskey, neat,’ take the survey and answer however you like.

Starfield Red Tape Blues Trevor In Cydonia

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Meeting with Trevor in Cydonia

Before you find the survey, you need to meet with and assist Trevor. You’ll find him in the lower yard in Cydonia. From the entrance to the city, head forward until you come to the edge of a ledge overlooking a wide lower area. Descend the stairs to either side of the platform. Trevor is standing not far from their base, near some mining equipment. Look for the man with a clipboard. Talk to him and agree to mine some nearby Iron. You can use your scanner to find it among the rocks, plus the game offers blue beacons to point it out to you. With your Cutter, extract the required 10 pieces and deposit them in the bin near Trevor.

With the easy assignment done, Trevor sends you to the Deimos Staryard. Select it from your mission list and fast travel to space, near the station. Approach your destination and Dock when you get close enough. Just inside, head forward and toward the left to reach the Deimos Sales Terminal, where you can respond to the Job Posting: Executive Assistant item.

Starfield Red Tape Blues Whiskey Neat Question On Job Survey

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Applying for a job at Deimos

The survey includes a series of questions. Question 3 on the job survey is:

The Executive wants you to bring them a ‘whiskey, neat.’ What does that mean?

You have a few possible answers available. I suggest answering that this is actually a trick question. However, your answer to the question doesn’t actually matter.

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It turns out none of your answers on the job survey matter. That’s because the next step in the mission is to meet with Trevor. He then helps you gain access to a computer to delete all of the applications except your own. Do so and talk to Trevor again to receive your reward: 5500 credits and 100 XP. You also unlock the Red Tape Runaround mission.

Starfield is available to purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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