How to defeat Coil Head in Lethal Company

From time to time it is important to stare at fear straight in the eyes to overcome it. Well, today’s your lucky day. Here is how to defeat Coil Head in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: How to Avoid Coil Head

Coil Head is one of the indoor monsters and it is one of the creepiest and deadliest of the bunch. You see, it is sort of a mannequin with a spring as a neck with an even creepier head. Its origins are unknown, and while some have suggested it was created as a weapon, we can all agree that it is a killing machine. It is pretty fast and will kill you whenever you are distracted.

You can identify its fast steps to prepare yourself to fight it. And when I say fight it, I mean try to survive its attack. While some reports suggest killing it with shovels, many others say that the Coil Head in Lethal Company is unbeatable. So the way you are going to defeat it is by not letting it kill you! That’s a sort of defeat, right? For the Coil Head? No? Well, moving on.

The hardest thing about avoiding the Coil Head is to go against all of your survival instincts and look at the Coil Head directly. Remember when you thought that your blanket could protect you from all the monsters when you were a child? Now imagine having to see the actual monsters to get them off you. That’s a cruel thing to program, Zeekerss.

Anyway, if you want to survive this encounter, then have one of your team members look at it and have all of the others collect all the loot. Once you finish scavenging, move backward without taking an eye off the Coil Head. It will move pretty fast so you must be ready to turn your back to it once you open doors or go around corners. The Coil Head will also open doors but you can continue looking at its direction to prevent it from moving forward. Make it outdoors and fly away in the ship.

Lethal Company Flashlight
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I suggest not engaging with the Coil Head since any type of attempt to stun it will be useless. Just look at it and then escape. Just don’t get mixed up with the Bracken, which will have you just take a peek at it to have him leave the area. Staring at the Bracken will end with it killing you just as moving your sight off the Coil Head would. That’s just great, isn’t it? Did I mention that multiple Coil Heads can appear at once? Well, now you know.

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