How to fix In Memoriam bug in Starfield

A game as big and ambitious as Starfield is bound to have a few little slip-ups in the coding. Even with an enormous team, a few unusual circumstances will crop up that can break certain parts of the game. In Starfield, there is a bug with the In Memoriam mission that a few players have encountered. However, there is a fix for this, and it should allow you to continue in your quest to romance Sarah Morgan.

How to fix the In Memoriam bug in Starfield

The bug can happen for a number of reasons and will cause you to no longer be able to continue with the In Momarium questline with Sarah Morgan. This will prevent you from talking to her and will result in her being locked as a permanent partner.

How to fix in memoriam bug in Starfield

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The way to fix this bug is to completely unassign her from your crew or any outpost. Once you have done this, you can find her back at The Lodge and ask her to follow you to the In Memorium mission marker in Starfield. This should iron out the bug and allow you to continue with the quest.

This problem should fix the In Memorium bug in Starfield. However, if it still continues, you may just have to wait for a patch. Bethesda is usually pretty good at keeping on top of the forums and will quickly notice the issue.

What causes the In Memorium bug

It can be caused by failing speech checks with her, being disliked by the US Science Division, and saying mean things to her, amongst other things. So, maybe she’s just in a mood with you. Who knows?

The In Memorium bug is a new one that has only occurred since the latest Starfield patch. So, it is likely to do with a clash in mission parameters within the game.

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