How to get Verdigris Discus Talisman in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

If you like rolling with the Chonky Bonk Boiz, then I expect you have a pretty heavy load in Elden Ring. However, with the Verdigris Discus Talisman, you can actually benefit from the extra weight in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Where to find the Verdigris Discus Talisman

To get to the location of the Verdigris Discus Talisman in Shadow of the Erdtree, you will need to open a portal using an Imbued Key. We will get that first. If you’re looking for all the Elden Ring guides you could want, check out our guides hub.

Where to find the Imbued Key in Shadow of the Erdtree

As far as I know, there is only one Imbued Key in the DLC, but it can be found quite early on. If you have beaten Rellana, then travel to the Castle Lords Chamber Site of Grace just outside of her arena. From here, head down the stairs, and backtrack through the Castle.

Imbued Key Location Shadow Of The Erdtree
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You will head down a lift and eventually see the back of a Knight guarding a bridge. Sneak up on him and shove cold steel between his ribcage. On the opposite side of the bridge, you will see a chest inside a tower. This contains the Imbued Key you need to get to the Verdigris Discus Talisman location in Shadow of the Erdtree.

If you haven’t beaten Rellana yet, make your way through her castle until you reach this same bridge.

How to get to the Verdigris Discus Talisman

Now you have the Imbued Key you need to use it on a portal to get to the Ruins of Rauh. So, travel to the Highroad Cross Site of Grace. From here, head west, down the ravine, and past the giant. You will see a small tower in the middle of the shallow lake. This is where you want to be going.

At the tower, you will see a place to place your Imbued Key to open the Shadow of the Erdtree portal to the Verdigris Discus Talisman. Activate it and head on through.

Verdigris Discus Talisman Shadow Of The Erdtree
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You will only be able to access a small amount of the Ruins of Rauh here, so head east toward the lake. Be aware there is a brute in the middle of it, and you need to cross. Head down the left side of the lake and behind the waterfalls. Here, against the back wall, is where you will find the Verdigris Discus Talisman in Shadow of The Erdtree.

To leave again, you need to travel fast to a Site of Grace.

What does the Verdigris Discus Talisman do?

If you’re carrying a heavy load, you deal more damage. I kind of like this, being an absolute unit. However, even though I like my heavy armor and colossal weapons, the lack of movement is just too much for me. The sacrifice isn’t worth it.

However, try finding the Golden Braid talisman for unbelievable defense against holy attacks. Perfect for the endgame.

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