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If you don’t know how to rebirth in Monkey Raft, you’ve clicked on the right guide! I explain how to unlock rebirthing in the game, as well as why you should do it.

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How to Rebirth in Monkey Raft

Before you even think about rebirthing in Monkey Raft, you first need to complete all of the ‘Getting Started’ quests. If you don’t know where to find the quests, click the Star icon to the left of your screen or hit M on your keyboard. This opens up the quest menu!

Completing all of these starter quests takes you to the next part of the process, which is levelling your character up to level 99. Upon reaching this level, you can then rebirth your character. Rebirthing in general gives you more EXP as you play the game, which increases as you continue to upgrade your character.

While grinding to level 99, you unlock the previous classes that come with different spawn items, stats, and abilities. The most powerful classes are locked behind rebirthing, so they’re definitely worth the wait! In short, you don’t need to worry about rebirthing if you’re new to the game. Just enjoy the process of completing quests and building rafts!

Rebirth Classes

The 2 rebirth classes available at the moment are Demigod and Soldier. A single rebirth unlocks the Demigod class and 2 rebirths allow you to obtain the Soldier class. You unlock the rest of the classes at specific level milestones, ranging from every 5 to 10 levels.

Demigod1 RebirthSpawns into a match with a BoneCan revive once per match Soldier2 RebirthsSpawns into a match with a GunRanged DMG increased by 20%


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