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Searching for the Reverse 1999 Auto Battle feature? So was I until I realised that the gacha game does it pretty differently when compared to other games in the genre!

Reverse 1999 is a turn-based gacha game that features RPG elements and tactical combat. Embark on a brand-new adventure as you reside in a world where arcanists and humans live together. You play as the “Timekeeper”, a being who can travel back in time. You’ve been tasked to destroy Manus Vindictae’s plot and to discover the trust of 1999.

For more information about the game, visit the official website. We also have a Reverse 1999 tier list, Reverse 1999 codes guide, and a Reverse 1999 Banners guide.

How Do You Unlock the Reverse 1999 Auto Battle Feature?

Is there an auto-battle feature? In short, yes.

Auto battles work a little differently in Reverse 1999 when compared to other gacha/mobile games. Usually, auto battles are unlocked as soon as you complete the in-game tutorial, or once you reach a certain part in the main questline.

In Reverse 1999, that isn’t the case… sort of. In fact, you need to complete a battle the first time before you can even turn on the auto-battle feature for it. This is probably in place to ensure that players are actually learning and actively engaging with the strategic combat. Especially with each battle focusing heavily on tactical cards and certain moves.

Once you’ve cleared a battle with a specific team, the game will save that fight, becoming the ‘auto battle’. If you decide to reclear the fight with a brand-new team, the previously saved fight will be deleted and overwritten if you manage to clear the battle with the new team.

It’s a little weird, but I’m actually a fan of the decision. However, an auto-battle feature can be useful when doing repetitive daily content or farming certain fights. Reverse 1999 looks and plays very differently than its fellow gacha counterparts. The inclusion of the ‘beat the fight before you can automatically clear it’ rule is pretty cool in my opinion – especially when helping you to learn battle mechanics and character cards.


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