Howl: Indie turn-based game surprises Nintendo fans with a shadow drop

In this unexpected release during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase, Howl emerges as a turn-based indie game that instantly captivates fans with its unique gameplay and stunning visuals. The collaboration between Astragon Entertainment and Mi’pu’mi Games brings forth a tactical folktale set in medieval times, where players embark on a quest as a deaf heroine seeking a cure for the ominous “howling plague.” Surprising fans with a shadow drop during the livestream, Howl is available today on the Nintendo Switch, featuring a free demo and the full download for eager players. The release trailer unveils the game’s captivating artwork and innovative gameplay mechanics, promising an engaging experience for turn-based tactical game enthusiasts.

Key features of Howl include 60 levels spread across four story chapters, a variety of formidable enemies, fully illustrated artwork in a living ink art style, and an inventive “prophecy” mechanic. Astragon, renowned for simulator games like Construction Simulator and Bus Simulator, partners with Mi’pu’mi Games, known for their contributions to the Hitman series and the console edition of Anno 1800. Howl introduces a distinctive mechanic that reshapes traditional turn-based gameplay. The “prophecy” mechanic challenges players to predict enemy movements, requiring strategic planning up to six steps in advance. As players navigate the world of Howl, they must outmaneuver wolfish creatures using this innovative approach.

Additional exciting features include unlockable and upgradeable skills such as Shadow Step and Exploding Shot, a world map with hidden skill pick-ups and secret paths, various enemy wolf species, NPC villagers to save during combat and exploration, and visually captivating storybook aesthetics that extend to gameplay, UI, and menus.

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