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Huawei Watch GT 4 in for review

Huawei launched the GT 4 last week at an event held in an amazing three-century-old gothic building in Barcelona. The wearable was introduced by Sir Mo Farah, one of the most decorated long-distance track athletes in the world, along with the stunning Pamela Reif, an influencer known for her workout videos.

The smartwatch was introduced in seven different variations, and we received the 46 mm Rainforest Green with a braided composite strap and a Stainless Steel case.

Huawei Watch GT 4 in for review

The Watch GT series generally sits in the Goldilocks Zone of Huawei wearables – with a design to match the Ultimate and Watch number series, but a lower price tag and better battery life.

This new wearable has the same 1.43” circular screen as the Watch 3 and Watch GT 3 series, but now has AOD with a unique design adapted to the watch face that preserves the battery capacity.

Huawei Watch GT 4 in for review

According to Huawei, the Watch GT 4 is more accurate in measuring sleep, heart rate, and menstrual cycle. We will put the new TruSeen 5.5+ and TruSleep 3.0 features to extensive tests and see how good those 99% accuracy claims are.

The Watch GT 4 also tracks Lung function and has a feature called Body Glucose Awareness – they are smart algorithms that provide results based on other health data collected, such as sleep schedule, arterial stiffness, heart rate and ECG. Another new feature added to the HarmonyOS 4.0-powered device is the Calorie Monitor – all these sound great on paper, and we will do all our best to provide a comprehensible answer how accurate they are in real life.

Huawei Watch GT 4 in for review

Battery is said to last 14 days of regular use, while even heavy users should get a week on a charge.

Pricing goes from €250 to €350, and our Rainforest Green unit is closer to the lower limit with its €270 price tag. It sounds appealing on paper, but we will have our verdict once the full review is out. We are already working on it, so keep watching this space!

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