I’m looking for a zombie game

I'm looking for a zombie game

I'm looking for a zombie game that used to be on the Play Store in 2020/2021 through 2022 when it got deleted unknowingly. I've been looking for the game for a while now here's the best I can describe it. The game is mission-based, with a bunch of stages, it's 3D and you look at your character in a birdside view like the game "Last Day on Earth". It had graphics like "Pixel Sandbox 2" or 1. It had various characters and various weapons (Which you either craft or buy with in-game currency). The main menu takes place at some campfire and a can surrounded with grey concert walls. It had various enemies and zombies. (The zombie that I strongly remember is some throat sl*tter that wields a small shiv) And that's pretty much it. I was wondering if I could find it in akp form or if someone could tell me the name of the game. Please and thank you!

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