Indie World: Blade Chimera Launches in Spring 2024

A cyberpunk war in Osaka awaits!

Blade Chimera, a 2D pixel art action game, was announced during the recent Indie World presentation for release exclusively on Nintendo Switch this coming Spring 2024.

Developed by Team Ladybug and Playism, in Blade Chimera players will indulge themselves in a futuristic dystopian cyberpunk war in Osaka. The players are in charge of protecting the futuristic city from being attacked by demons wielding a Lumina blade radiating with demonic energy. The weapon will also be a multi-functioning tool that player’s will rely on to navigate through the game’s levels.

Players should also expect themselves to come across boss battles, solve puzzles, and experience unique cyberpunk aesthetics to the characters. Once released on Switch, the game will be a timed console exclusive, meaning players will be able to get a head start on this adventure before it releases on other platforms.

Source: Nintendo Indie World Presentation 11.14.23

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